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Infectious Disease

Shots: Immigrant Community Under Fire for Measles Outbreak. What Can Health Care Providers Do?

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High Index of Suspicion: Valley Fever in California’s Central Valley

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Excerpt from New Issue of Streamline: What to do when a patient with active TB leaves the country and stops treatment?

mcn streamline spring summer 2017


[Editor's Note: Picture this: A woman arrives in South America from the US, and heads to the doctor. She's midway through her treatment for active tuberculosis -- until the doctor tells her she's fine and can stop treatment early. 

The High Cost of Closing Pennsylvania's Health Departments

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Mosquito Season: Making the Critical Diagnosis



By Ed Zuroweste, MD, Co-Chief Medical Officer, Migrant Clinicians Network

In the Field: Screening All Adults on Ebeye Island

James and His Brother: A Health Network Case Study on TB and HIV Co-Infection

TB Still Kills: Deliana Garcia’s New Op-Ed Asks for More Recognition of TB As a Worldwide Health Threat

In the Field: Pennsylvania Conference on Tick-Borne Diseases

Laszlo Madaras at the Pennsylvania Conference on Tick-Borne Diseases


Top 4 Reasons the WHO Got it Wrong on TB

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[Editor’s Note: Today is World TB Day. Please share with friends and colleagues through social media how critical it is that we stop TB worldwide. Follow the day’s happenings on Facebook or Twitter.]

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