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Occupational Health and Safety

Masks for Fires: Kathryn Conlon, PhD, MPH Analyses new California Emergency Wildfire Smoke Regulation For Outdoor Workers

A construction worker wearing a mask and protective equipment
[A construction worker wearing a mask and other protective equipment. Photo by Earl Dotter ] 

Desde el campo: enseñando a los promotores de salud para proteger a los niños de los contaminantes ambientales

Heat, Climate, Farmworkers, and Health: A Summer 2019 Update

Desde el campo: Salud ocupacional en Calexico CA con la Ventanilla de Salud del Consulado Mexicano

Attendees of training in El Centro, CA


Diabetes, Disasters, Late Night Outreach: The Life of a Migrant & Neighborhood Health Nurse in North Carolina

Greene County Health Care Staff

[The Greene County Health Care staff. Gena Byrd is third from the right.]

Workers’ Memorial Day

Desde el campo: MCN realiza capacitación para capacitadores en las Ventanillas de Salud de Carolina del Norte y California

New US Senate Bill Matches State Bills Seeking to Ban Chlorpyrifos

Farmworker sprays pesticide on field

By Sofia Carrasco 

New England Journal of Medicine Publishes Health Network Case Study Highlighting Social Distance

Recognizing One of Our Own - Seguridad en las Lecherías: Immigrant Dairy Worker Health and Safety

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