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Social Justice

Don't let this be Noe and Anita's last Christmas together in the U.S.

Noe and Anita


A missing screw on his license plate may take a single father away from his daughter.

BRIEFING: A Clinician's Call for Safer Farmworkers and Families

Today and tomorrow on Capitol Hill, more than a dozen farmworkers from across the nation are meeting with their members of Congress to call for the implementation of stronger protections for farmworkers from pesticides. MCN's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ed Zuroweste, MD, will join the farmworkers and a coalition of allied groups at a briefing for members of Congress and their staffers about the urgent need for an update to EPA's Worker Protection Standard. Here is the statement he will deliver today at the briefing:

Commited to a World Free of TB

World TB Day banner

Many advances have occurred since March 24 of 1882, the day that Dr. Robert Koch discovered the cause of tuberculosis. There is still much left to do in order to eradicate this disease on a global level. For example:

Educational Attainment for Farmworkers

Farmworker harvesting blueberries

By Daniela Delgado

Get Informed: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Goes into Effect August 15

MCN Honors Workers on International Workers' Memorial Day, Children in Agriculture Have Unequal Protections

   On the heels of International Worker Memorial Day, the day slated to honor the ultimate sacrifice of workers and families throughout the world, the Obama administration released a statement saying it will no longer pursue protections for children working in agriculture.

The Case For Putting an End to “Building Good Grower Relationships”: Why it is Time to Stop Discriminating Against Farmworkers

Dying to Work

Fence at Border

MCN was featured in an American Public Health Association (APHA) blog for our conference session entitled “Dying to Work: The Risks from Injury and Death on the Migrant’s Journey to Work in the United States,”

Make a Commitment to Healthcare Justice in 2008!

Speaking up for access to care

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