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Clinician-to-Clinician: A Forum for Health Justice

Five on Friday: COVID-19 and Social Justice
By: MCN Admin, May. 8, 2020
Another very full week here at Migrant Clinicians Network! Here are some updates from the world of public health and health justice that we thought you’d enjoy, chosen by MCN staff members.  Alma shared “The Problem With Stories About Dangerous Coronavirus Mutations,” to which Ed responded that the article “does a good job in explaining this new research and, as always, this preliminary... Read More
Q&A With Dr. Eva Galvez
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, May. 6, 2020
In Oregon, migrant farmworkers will soon begin to arrive to pick the ripe berries for which Oregon is famous. As “essential workers,” farmworkers have labored in fields and orchards across the US throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and amidst a striking dearth of worker protections. But, thanks to a quickly built partnership, newly arrived farmworkers in Oregon will be protected by emergency worker... Read More
Trauma, Mental Health, and COVID-19: Giving Tuesday Offers Support for Frontline
By: Ashley-Michelle..., May. 5, 2020
[Editor’s Note: Have you heard? GoFundMe has declared today Giving Tuesday -- and Migrant Clinicians Network needs your help. Our Witness to Witness program, which supports frontline clinicians who are experiencing secondary trauma and moral injury, is more essential than ever during this COVID-19 pandemic. Support frontline clinicians by donating to MCN’s Witness to Witness today.]The last time... Read More
Health Centers on the Frontlines: HOPE Clinic Ramps Up Telehealth, Starts Rapid
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, May. 4, 2020
In Houston, Texas, HOPE Clinic is living up to its name. The large urban community health center rapidly ramped up its telehealth services as the COVID-19 pandemic struck, and now almost 20 percent of its visits are virtual or by phone. Building on the telehealth structures they already had, HOPE Clinic virtual appointments intersect with the EHR, providing a streamlined virtual encounter in... Read More
Five on Friday: Stepping Up to Support Farmworkers
By: MCN Admin, May. 1, 2020
Cinco de Mayo is just days away, and the festivities continue, albeit online. Altísimo Live! is a Cinco de Mayo concert that, this year, will benefit the Farmworkers Pandemic Relief Fund.  Lots of people and organizations are stepping up to assist the most vulnerable -- read this week’s Weekly Win, below, for a rundown. But before that, here are some additional reads that MCN staff shared... Read More
Take Action: Rescind Order to Halt Asylum Processes
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Apr. 30, 2020
This week, Migrant Clinicians Network joined Doctors for America, Refugee Health Alliance, and Human Impact Partners to demand that Robert R. Redfield, MD, the Director of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, immediately rescind the recently extended order to suspend the admission of asylum seekers “from countries where a communicable disease exists,” as the order states.  “The... Read More
Mi salud es mi tesoro: Un guía para vivir bien con diabetes
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Apr. 29, 2020
[Nota del editor: la edición de primavera de Streamline ha llegado a los buzones de correo de todo el país. En la primera página, anunciamos el lanzamiento del nuevo libro cómico de MCN e incluimos una muestra de dos páginas del cómic en su interior. A continuación, se muestra una reimpresión del artículo de Streamline. Suscríbase a Streamline para recibir impreso nuestro diario trimestral.... Read More
Next Steps: Keeping Essential Workers Essential, After the Pandemic
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Apr. 27, 2020
Photo: (c) [Editor’s Note: April 28th is Workers Memorial Day. Every year, we honor those workers who have died on the job by pushing for better protections to prevent future deaths. This year, as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, the need for better protections for the health of our essential workers is indisputable.]For perhaps the first time in American history,... Read More
Five on Friday: More Protection Needed for Essential Workers
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Apr. 24, 2020
Summer is just around the corner, and some of the warmer pockets of our country are already producing summer crops, like tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. As COVID-19 disrupts food distribution and slows farm work, we are grateful to the thousands of workers who are still toiling in the fields to bring us those long-craved jewels of summer. This week, as expected, COVID-19 was center stage, and... Read More
Declaración de principios: las políticas de inmigración deben cambiar durante la
By: MCN Admin, Apr. 23, 2020
La Red de Proveedores de Servicios de Salud para Migrantes (MCN, por sus siglas en inglés) hace un llamado a las autoridades de inmigración para que rescindan las políticas de inmigración peligrosas que ponen en riesgo a los refugiados, los migrantes y las comunidades fronterizas durante la pandemia de COVID-19.En mayo de 2019, el gobierno de Donald Trump comenzó a poner en funcionamiento los... Read More
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