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Clinician-to-Clinician: A Forum for Health Justice

Five on Friday
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Jun. 19, 2015
Our “Five on Friday” blog posts are always a joyous reminder of how many organizations are working toward the same goals: health justice, a voice for marginalized populations like the mobile poor, rights for farmworkers… It’s thrilling to hear what other organizations are up to, and how we can lean on each other to grow our movement stronger. Plus, it’s Friday -- that’s a joyous thing, too, for... Read More
MCN Webinar
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Jun. 18, 2015
Next Wednesday, June 24th, Migrant Clinicians Network will host a free webinar, entitled, “Trauma-Informed Care: Behavioral Health in the Primary Care Setting,” presented by MCN’s Deliana Garcia, MA, Director of International Projects, Research, and Development. Del will present some of the common manifestations of behavior health and/or trauma, in a primary care setting, after which Del... Read More
Five on Friday | June 12, 2015
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Jun. 12, 2015
Friday is once again tugging on our brains, luring us into the weekend before 5pm… What are your plans this weekend? Care to add a little bit of health justice reading to the mix?1. Karen, Executive Director, sent along Feeding America’s Map the Meal Gap, which provides food insecurity data for every county in the US.2. Ricardo, Health Network Manager: “Race is on to track hundreds of people... Read More
MCN CHW Webinar Series
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Jun. 11, 2015
Our popular and well-rated webinar series has passed its halfway point. Next week’s webinar, Evaluación de las Necesidades De La Comunidad (Community Needs Assessment) is the sixth in the ten-webinar Spanish-language series for promotores de salud, or community health workers. The series, entitled Principios de Salud Pública para Promotores (Principles of Public Health for Community Health and... Read More
MCN Five on Friday | June 5, 2015
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Jun. 5, 2015
The first weekend in June has arrived! Our top five links from MCN staff for the week are all over the map; we’ve included a bit of everything, from new migration flow data to the Pope. Which of these pieces got you thinking? Which will impact your work? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.1. Claire, Writer and Editor, forwarded on a recent article from the Migration Policy Institute entitled, "In... Read More
Workers and Health at Healthcare Network of Southwest Florida
By: KerryBrennan, Jun. 4, 2015
[Editor’s Note: Last month, Kerry Brennan, MCN’s Environmental and Occupational Health Program Associate, joined Amy Liebman, Director of Environmental and Occupational Health, and Dr. Ed Zuroweste, MCN’s Chief Medical Officer, for a training at Healthcare Network of Southwest Florida, in Immokalee. The group toured Immokalee and spent the rest of the day at the clinic for the first stage of the... Read More
Hombres Unidos training in Yuba City, California
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Jun. 3, 2015
Last week, Deliana Garcia, MCN’s Director of International Research and Development, arrived in the northern reaches of California’s Central Valley, at the headquarters of Ampla Health, a network of Federally-Qualified Health Centers based out of Yuba City. Ampla was initiating the first stages of MCN’s Hombres Unidos Contra La Violencia Familiar, MCN’s award-winning program focused on primary... Read More
Health Champions Conference
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Jun. 2, 2015
On June 20th, Migrant Clinicians Network and the Washington State Department of Health will host an all-day conference for Community Health Champions -- community health workers, community health advisors, lay health advocates, promotores, outreach educators, community health representatives, peer health promoters, and peer health educators -- who are involved in evidence-based programs... Read More
MCN Tammy Blackman
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, May. 30, 2015
[Editor’s Note: Happy Birthday, Migrant Clinicians Network! To celebrate our 30th anniversary this month, we are highlighting one clinician each day who has been honored in 30 Clinicians Making a Difference​​​, in which we profile the work of 30 diverse migrant clinicians from across the country and abroad.] As we close out our Anniversary month by highlighting our last clinician from 30... Read More
Five on Friday | May 29, 2015
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, May. 29, 2015
As we approach the end of May, we know that many health centers’ migrant programs are kicking into full gear. Perhaps you need a moment’s rest after a busy week? Or maybe you would like to catch up on the goings-on in the world of health justice for mobile populations? Check out the top five suggested readings from our staff at MCN. 1. Amy, Director of Environmental and Occupational Health,... Read More
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