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Clinician-to-Clinician: A Forum for Health Justice

Researcher in lab
By: Candace Kugel, Apr. 2, 2009
It often seems that the most innovative programs develop out of the most hopeless seeming situations. The world of migrant health is full of examples of individuals who see a great need and then employ creative thinking and action to right a wrong. In a world where we too often run up against an intractable bureaucracy, these examples of creative problem solving are a breath of fresh air. Some... Read More
Leading community training
By: Edward Zuroweste, Mar. 16, 2009
In 1992, Congress passed legislation for HRSA through the Bureau of Primary Health Care to institute a Federal Government Self-insured malpractice program that was named “Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA program). Since its inception in 1992 there has now been an estimated cost savings of $1.6 BILLION. That means that this money has been poured back into health centers and healthcare for the poor... Read More
Protester holding up sign
By: Candace Kugel, Feb. 5, 2009
Yesterday I had an experience that reminded me of how ingrained anti-immigrant sentiment has become—even while we are observing a resurgence of hope and change on the political scene. I received a forwarded email from a friend that asked me to sign a petition addressed to President Obama protesting “the bill that the Senate voted on recently which would allow illegal aliens to access our Social... Read More
Fence at the border
By: Jillian Hopewell, Feb. 4, 2009
MCN was featured in an American Public Health Association (APHA) blog for our conference session entitled “Dying to Work: The Risks from Injury and Death on the Migrant’s Journey to Work in the United States,” In their entry, APHA highlights the work of MCN staff member, Amy Liebman, who said that despite a nearly ninefold increase in funding for the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol since 1993, the... Read More
Woman works in farm field
By: Edward Zuroweste, Apr. 17, 2008
MCN is pleased to offer these five audio slideshows featuring farmworkers and health care providers. We want to hear your thoughts. What did these slideshows make you think about that you may not have previously considered? Read More
pigs in cage
By: Edward Zuroweste, Feb. 25, 2008
I have been following this story in The Washington Post and The NYT. I feel that I have to share it with you all. There are now at least 13 pork processing workers being diagnosed with a new disease, Progressive Inflammatory Neuropathy. What makes it so interesting is that it came to light because a medical INTERPRETER working with Spanish speaking meat packers noticed that two patients she... Read More
Child  getting checkup
By: Edward Zuroweste, Jan. 28, 2008
Join a gathering of clinicians from across the country and show your unity with the uninsured, underinsured, and marginalized people across our nation. We are very excited to be a part of the National Summit of Clinicians for Healthcare Justice, a one of a kind event sponsored by many of the major safety-net clinician organizations across the United States. The 2 ½ day event is expected to... Read More
Woman treated in Clinic
By: Karen Mountain, Dec. 20, 2007
I have the great privilege of visiting over 20 migrant and community health centers every year. I am consistently impressed with the quality and dedication I see among health center clinicians. As a rule, clinicians working in federally funded health centers are individuals who highly value compassionate primary care. There are times however, when I see misconceptions among clinicians about what... Read More
Person Holding Injection
By: Edward Zuroweste, Dec. 13, 2007
I recently read an article about the ritual use of mercury in immigrant populations. It jumped out at me because this is an issue that Venkat Prasad, MD, the medical director at Tri-County Community Health Center, has seen in his health center. A couple of years ago, Dr. Prasad wrote about a case of two recently arrived immigrants from Honduras who used mercury injections to ward off evil as... Read More
Statue of Liberty behind bars
By: Edward Zuroweste, Dec. 6, 2007
It has been a rough year for immigrants in number of areas, especially in terms of legislative proposals. Migrant Clinicians Network has just signed on to a letter to Congress asking them to treat immigrants with dignity and fairness. The letter addresses numerous health care policies dealing with immigrants. While I fear that such a letter will have limited impact, I feel strongly that the... Read More
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