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Human Resources

Webcast: Clinician Recruitment Strategies for Migrant Health Centers

Finding and keeping good clinicians rate high on the priority lists of most Migrant and Community Health Centers. Where the “business” of an organization is providing excellent patient care, quality clinicians are obviously crucial to the success of the health center. This webcast will highlight real world strategies to recruit and retain clinicians. 1PM EST.

Clinical Services Consultation

MCN's expert clinical team can provide both on-site and distance consultation services. The experienced team provides a number of critical services including consultation on clinic systems, protocols and procedures as well as program development and evaluation; patient tracking and bridge case management; environmental and occupational medicine, pesticide awareness, and worker’s compensation issues for health centers; immigration and how it effects health centers.

Clinicians: A Career in Migrant Health

Migrant Clinicians Network has long recognized the importance of clinician recruitment and retention issues, and has attempted to assist both health centers and clinicians in their efforts to develop stable, quality services.

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