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Phone: 800-482-8888
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Pesticide Reporting Requirements

Required to Report: Yes
What to Report?: Any Pesticide-Related Exposure
Timeframe to Report Injury or Exposure: 24 hours
Who is Required to Report?: Physicians, Hospitals, Laboratories, Other health professionals.
Coverage for Farm Workers: Optional
Limitations: Employer can chose to waive exception of agricultural work from workers' compensation.
Statute: Ark. Code Ann. ยงยง 11-9-102(11)(A)(iii), 11-9-403(a) (2008)
Coverage for Undocumented Workers: Not Defined in Statue or Case Law
Case Law: There is no case law answering this question.
Benefits Available for Undocumented Workers: Undocumented worker's nonresident depedent children are eligible for survivor benefits after undocumented worker's death due to workplace accident. Death & Permanent Total Disability Trust Fund v. Rodriguez, 2009 WL 331439, 3 (Ark. Ct. App. 2009). However, this does not answer the question of whether undocumented workers are eligible for benefits, because the analysis in the case focused solely on the children and whether they were dependents. There was no discussion of whether the undocumented worker himself was eligible for benefits (or whether the children might be ineligible because he was ineligible himself due to his immigration status).