Report Exposure: Poison Control

Phone: 800-222-1222

Pesticide Reporting Requirements

Required to Report: No
Who is Required to Report?: .
Coverage for Farm Workers: Required
Limitations: farmworkers are not separately mentioned.
Statute: Conn. Gen. Stat. ยง 31-275(9)(A), (B) (2009) (section defining "employee" does not exclude farm laborers).
Coverage for Undocumented Workers: Yes
Case Law: Dowling v. Slotnik 712 A.2d 396 (1998) (holding that Immigration Reform and Control Act does not preempt authority of states to award workers' compensation benefits to undocumented aliens).
Benefits Available for Undocumented Workers: Undocumented workers are eligible for compensation for medical expenses incurred as a result of the work-related injury, as well as temporary total disability benefits. Dowling v. Slotnik, 712 A.2d 396, 399-400, 415 (1998).