Report Exposure: Poison Control

Phone: 1-800-222-1222

Pesticide Reporting Requirements

Required to Report: Optional
What to Report?: Any Pesticide-Related Exposure
Who is Required to Report?: .
Additional Info:

Visit the Kansas Department of Agriculture for more information on Pesticides in Kansas:  

Coverage for Farm Workers: Optional
Limitations: Employer may elect to become subject to workers' compensation law. Kan. Stat. Ann. § 44-505(b).
Statute: Kan. Stat. Ann. § 44-505(a)(1) (2008)
Coverage for Undocumented Workers: Yes
Case Law: Acosta v. Nat'l Beef Packing Co., L.P., 44 P.3d 330 (Kan. 2002) (allowing undocumented worker to collect worker's compensation award); but see Doe v. Kansas Dep't of Human Res., 90 P.3d 940 (Kan. 2004) (holding that the same undocumented worker as in Acosta, who obtained workers' comp benefit through use of assumed name, could have penalties and fines assessed against her).
Benefits Available for Undocumented Workers: Undocumented worker was allowed to collect on award for temporary partial disability and permanent partial disability payments. Acosta v. Nat'l Beef Packing Co., L.P., 44 P.3d 330, 334-35, 341 (Kan. 2002).