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November 2007 - Celebrating Twenty Years of Exemplary Service to the Mobile Poor

Issue: Volume 13, Issue 6
Mon, 11/12/2007

In this issue

  • Pesticide Exposure Clinical Guidelines
  • New Patient Education and Clinical Resources from MCN!
  • Influenza Vaccination for Health Care Providers
  • Improving Health Care Worker Vaccination Rates

September 2007 - Immigration Concerns Impact Federally Funded Health Centers,

Issue: Volume 13, Issue 5
Mon, 09/10/2007

In this issue

  • Low Literacy and Poor Health Are Directly Linked: The Research Base
  • Volunteers in the Health Center Setting
  • Pesticide exposure and self-reported gestational diabetes mellitus in the Agricultural Health Study

July 2007 - Protocol: Lead Screening and Lead Poisoning Management in Pregnancy

Issue: Volume 13, Issue 4
Sun, 07/08/2007

In this issue

  • Grasshopper as a source of lead exposure
  • Lead Poisoning Patient Information
  • Hombres Unidos contra la Violencia Familiar
  • Lighty Duty: Only Recommend When Available and Appropriate
  • Environmental/Occupational Health Newslflashes

May 2007 - Addressing a Silent Killer Amont Migrants

Issue: Volume 13, Issue 3
Sun, 05/06/2007

In this issue

  • New Bilingual and Culturally Appropriate Breast Cancer Patient Education Materials Available!, 
  • How to Identify Victims of Human Trafficking, 
  • Pesticide Urinary Metabolite Levels of Children in Eastern North Carolina Farmworker Households

March 2007 - Cancer Patient Navigation Systems and Mobile Clients

Issue: Volume 13, Issue 2
Sun, 03/04/2007

In this issue

  • Increasing Cancer Survivorship in Mobile Underserved Populations
  • Suggested Approaches for Studying Linkages between Pesticide Exposure and Chronic Health Effects in Farmworkers
  • The Majority of Injured Workers in California Have Access to Quality Care, but Minorities Report Disparities and Clinicians Believe Quality of Care Has Declined

January 2007 - A Pilot Study of an HIV Risk Assessment Tool with a Sample of Migrant Farmworkers in the Napa Valley

Issue: Volume 13, Issue 1
Tue, 01/02/2007

In this issue

  • Migrant Clinicians Occupational Health Reference Manual
  • Profile of the New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health
  • Helping Health Centers Identify Migrant and Homeless Patients
  • Three New Immunization Popular Education Resources Available at No Cost!
  • New Online Clinical Education Available

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