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Authentic Voices

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Woman works in farm field

MCN is pleased to offer these five audio slideshows featuring farmworkers and health care providers. We want to hear your thoughts. What did these slideshows make you think about that you may not have previously considered?


Wish that more people would be able to see and listen

I think they are great and wish that more people would be able to see and listen to what it means to be a Farm worker and the kinds of things they deal with.

Prehaps these clips would be available for education in the communities we live and they work in.

I do in service, about the Migrant Farm worker and health care needs, at a a local college, nursing class and most of the students know very little about the Farmworker or their life. These would be great insites

We have people watching it and crying

I loved these videos… our commuter wiz developed one, that is a mind stopper. We have people watching it and crying.

The general population does NOT understand what the farmworkers go through, nor how they live …

America as a whole is spoiled and need to open their eyes !!!

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