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Technical Assistance Services

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US map of TA sitesMCN's expert clinical team can provide both on-site and distance technical assistance. The experienced team provides a number of critical services including consultation on clinic systems, protocols and procedures as well as program development and evaluation; patient tracking and bridge case management; environmental and occupational medicine, pesticide awareness, and worker’s compensation issues for health centers; immigration and how it effects health centers. Additionally, MCN offers assistance and consultation for migrant research through the Institutional Review Board.

MCN provides these services to widely dispersed sites and for a range of topics related to clinical care and migrant health.  The map at the right shows sites where MCN has provided services in the United States over the course of the past two years

Technical assistance from MCN can be fairly simple and consist of a single question or series of questions about available resources, training, or expertise in a specific area of clinical systems or health care for migrants.  Technical assistance can also be very intensive and involve multiple points of contact between clinic staff and MCN consultants.  The following case illustrates this type of more intensive technical assistance and provides insight into the types of expertise MCN can provide to other sites.

Technical Assistance Case Study

The following example is just one way in which MCN’s clinical experts can provide tailored technical assistance services. MCN staff met the executive director of a newly funded migrant health center who was struggling to develop the robust clinical systems needed to provide quality health services. After discussions with the clinical staff and MCN clinical experts, MCN was asked to provide onsite assistance in the development, implementation and review of clinical policies and program expectations as set forth in the narrative of the New Access Point plan;

Working together with clinical staff MCN consultants assisted the clinic to develop the following clinical elements: 

  • Health Care Plan objectives;
  • Assistance with recruitment and retention plan for providers;
  • A new provider orientation to migrant health;
  • Health Center trainings on selected topics such as occupational health, adolescent and adult immunizations, cultural competency, immigration issues, continuity of care while migrating, identifying migrant and homeless patients at each encounter, access to care, infectious diseases, and emergency preparedness for special populations;
  • Integration with Primary Care Association efforts around health disparity reduction and collaborative care;
  • Performance improvement and QI plans for the center;
  • Governance issues for medical directors;
  • Integration of new services, such as expanded dental and mental health, into existing care provision;
  • Development of sustainable effective collaboration between medical director, board, and executive director;
  • Comprehensive orientation of medical director to 330 programs, networks, and supports with opportunity for ongoing mentoring.

To find out more about MCN's consultation services contact Karen Mountain, MBA, RN at 512-327-2017 or via email.

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