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Users living in country: USA

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MD Mexico, Universidad La Salle
MSc Epidemiology Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
PhD Candidate Epidemiology Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

Areas of interest: Migrant health. Diabetes and Liver Diseases

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35 years in various cliniocal and administrative roles

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I graduated from The University of HAITI School of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine.
I moved to the US (Florida) in the early 90's where I quickly learned English.

The cultural and linguistic diversities of South Florida inspired me to learn one more predominant language, Spanish. Yes I am fluent in English, Spanish, Haitian Creole and French.

In 1999, I developed HYC Services based on the idea that most migrant workers in the US, at some point, will need communication assistance in a critical situation.
We are one of the premiere provider for the Workers Compensation industry.

At HYC Services, we can help with the interpreting situation...


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