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Users with a RN Credential

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I have been involved in public health since my first year in college, have travelled and worked extensively in Cental America, and have been a green builder for the past 20 years. Providing health oversight in the school setting is my new passion.

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44 years Nursing experience in multiple services including Perioperative and Surgical ,Obstetrics, Nursing (Med-Surg ),Long term and Acute care for Seniors and Public Health

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Born in memphis tenn 1960 ,son of Mexican Mother and American father, lived in mexico from 1965 to 1985, presently ER nurse, 6 years a RN,10 as lpn,3 as nurse aid,worked for migrant progam for 4 months in sparta michigan as advocate liason for k-12 program in school system. unable to continue at that time d/t moving to other city,presently use my spanish to translate for physicians when needed,primary job is as RN, continue to read and write in spanish,however due have an accent after 26 years back in the US.Married for 22 years and have two children

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