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Users working as a/an Nurse

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Marie Pauline

RN for over 34 yrs. At present work part-time as a migrant nurse. Have been working as migrant nurse for over 4 yrs. Also do employee health and American Heart Instructor for organization.

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Dr. Napolitano, FNP, PhD is the Director of the Doctorate of Nursing Practice Program and an Associate Professor at the University of Portland, School of Nursing. In addition to her university work, Dr. Napolitano works with the Migrant Head Start Program and Virginia Garcia Health Center in Corenelius, Oregon to provide clinical services on their mobile van during the migrant season. Dr. Napolitano has a wealth of international experience with clinical work in Latin America, Asia and Canada. In addition to her leadership with MCN, Dr. Napolitano is the Chief Examiner for Nurse Practitioners in British Columbia (OSCE) and a Consultant with the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia.

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