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users working for a/an: State/Local Health Department

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20 years in public health, treating communicable disease, seasonal farm workers April - November. Tuberculosis, LTBI, Cert Tuberculosis Nurse, State of Michigan

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hebe milagros
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My interest in public health began as nursing student at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. The relationships I built with patients and the life stories they shared with me motivated my work as a health advocate. My desire shifted to learn more about factors beyond individual-level control. I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Promotion & Wellness at the University of Wisconsin. I then worked in remote locations in Alaska in the area of employee health promotion. I pursued a graduate degree in the field of Public Health through Oregon State University. I taught undergraduate courses that focused on individual and social determinants of health. I worked in outreach and education at the National Pesticide Information Center. I currently work as a Public Health Educator for the Pesticide and Occupational Public Health Surveillance programs within the State Public Health Division.

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Mr. Blea is the Program Director, Office of Oral Health, State of New Mexico, Department of Health. The program provides preventive and restortive care for low income, uninsured, New Mexcian children and adults. The program also serves immagrant populations not yet documented. Program's mission is to reduce the incidence of dental disease and secure dental homes.

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33 years nursing experience in Home Health and Public Health working with diverse and underserved populations. 10 years of that in program management.

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