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Advocacy and Community Information

Health Justice for the Mobile Poor: 2016 Advocacy Priorities

This week, we at Migrant Clinicians Network posted our Health Justice Plan for 2016, which outlines MCN’s advocacy priorities for the year. Our outlined priorities advance health justice for the mobile poor within the arenas of human rights and immigration, access to health care, and worker health and safety. This year’s priorities include:


Position Statements

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Mask Guidance Leaves some workers vulnerable


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MCN's Advocacy Agenda 2013-2014

Migrant Clinicians Network, Inc. (MCN) will work during the next two years to engage members of our clinical network and all relevant stakeholders to advance health justice for the mobile poor. Our advocacy and education priorities focus on safe and legal entry into the United States, as well as strong and equal protection for workers in all occupations. Advancement in these areas creates the greatest opportunity for all to access high-quality, affordable healthcare. 

  • Comprehensive Immigration Reform
  • Access to Health Care

Thank You for Supporting a Strengthened Worker Protection Standard

Watermelon Farmer

With your help, MCN added more than 17,000 voices to the call for stronger workplace protections for our nation's farmworkers. 

Children Crossing the Border

Ways to Contribute

Felicia Escobar: Protect Arriving Refugees at Our Southern Border

This active petition was started by human rights lawyer Jennifer Harbury to address the plight of the children fleeing Central America, who are now threatened with almost immediate deportation back to the violence they fled. 


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MCN's Position on Children Crossing the Border

Published July 15, 2014

MCN holds the position that immigrant children fleeing violence in their home countries must receive priority consideration for their safety and health. We have provided several links with additional resources on this issue.

Health Across Borders: Migration, Disease, Medicine & Public Health in a Global Age

On September 18-19, 2014, the Center for the History of the New America and the Center for Health Equity at the University of Maryland will co-host a conference exploring the connections between migration, race, disease, and public health. Dr. David Satcher, 16th Surgeon General of the United States, will be the keynote speaker.

United States

Protect Children in the Fields- Raise the Minimum Age Requirement for Handling Pesticides

The proposed revisions to the Worker Protection Standard have many positive elements and I, along and many others concerned about farm worker health applaud the EPA for this long-awaited proposal.  In particular, for the first time an age requirement has been proposed to determine who is eligible to handle pesticides.  However, for unknown reasons the proposed age requirement has been identified as age 16 when it should be age 18.   There is no rationale to suggest any minor, i.e.

Fifth Annual Global Health and Humanitarian Summit (GHHS)

Hello Humanity, a start-up student organization based at Emory University will be hosting the Fifth Annual Global Health and Humanitarian Summit (GHHS) in Atlanta, Georgia. This year's summit will take place on Saturday, April 12th in the Woodruff Health Sciences Center Administration Building (WHSCAB) at Emory University. The entire event is free and open to all.



The 2014 Rural Migrant and Immigrant Farmworker Health Conference

The conference will be held at the Toftrees Golf Resort and Conference Center in State College, Pennsylvania. 

MCN's Candace Kugel will be part of a panel on sexual violence and will report on recent developments in MCN's Hombres Unidos program.

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