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WCSAP & Hombres Unidos Webinar

Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs

Hombres Unidos: Engaging Latino Migrant Men in Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence Prevention



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Women and HIV-Worker Education Materials (Fotonovelas)

Dramatic, visual and culturally relevant, fotonovelas are a successful means of communicating health information. The following fotonovela materials are downloadable. 

Provided by Farmworker Justice


The NACHC 2013 Community Health Institute (CHI) is scheduled to kick off in Chicago as key provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) take effect. The vast changes in the health care environment set in motion by ACA implementation raise new issues for Community Health Centers and their patients in all areas of operations – financial, clinical and policy.

United States


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You Are Welcome Here Posters

If you would like to signal that yours is a welcoming business, social setting or place of worship, download one of MCN’s window posters and signal to the migrants in your midst, you are welcome here. Available in English and Spanish.



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The Silent Crisis: How to Do Outreach in an Anti-Immigrant Climate

This resource for Outreach Programs provides ideas and resources for how to do outreach in an anti-immigrant climate by addressing specific barriers, providing strategies, and listing resources.It is provided by Health Outreach Partners in collaboration with Quincy Community Health Center, Lorena Sprager and Associates, Migrant Legal Action Program, and attendees from the 2011 and 2012 Western Migrant Stream Forums (WMSF).

Community Health Centers

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Community Health Centers in Florida employ an innovative outreach model that involves reaching out to the community in many atypical locations. Outreach worker Gina Morel says that “my role as the outreach worker is to welcome everyone, everywhere in town into our clinic. Outreach into child care centers, churches, community centers, Laundromats, apartments, restaurants, city hall, hair salons/barber shops, etc.  We embrace the people receiving Medicaid and use a sliding fee scale for people without health care coverage. We accept a wide variety of insurance plans. We are a company that appreciates the diverse population in Orlando and we welcome all the races, religions and cultures present in the Orlando area. Outreach is a bridge to reach the uninsured, and offer access to affordable, quality health care, in all communities. Hispanic, African American, GLBT communities receive much of my outreach attention as the health care disparities are largest in those communities.

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