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Environmental and Occupational Health


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Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization

ADAO is the largest independent nonprofit in the U.S. dedicated to preventing asbestos exposure, eliminating asbestos-related diseases, and protecting asbestos victims' civil rights through education, advocacy, and community initiatives. 


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California Safe Cosmetics Program

An online, searchable database that allows salon workers and others to learn about and report toxic chemicals found in nail salon products and other cosmetics.

MCN's FREE Spanish-Language Pesticide Comic Books


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Don't Get Hurt!

These bilingual posters educate workers on how to work safely with machinery on the farm.  Developed by two Occupational Health Interns (OHIP) during their internship with the National Farm Medicine Center, these posters accompany the Seguridad en las Lecherías curriculum.


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Bilingual Picture Dictionary

MCN's Bilingual Picture Dictionary, "Seguridad en Palabras/ Safety in Words," illustrates work place hazards and best practices for health and safety in agriculture.  Developed with support from the OSHA Susan Harwood Grant Program, this resource will bolster Hispanic workers' English vocabulary and will help prevent agricultural injuries. 

2014 Rural Migrant and Immigrant Farmworker Health Conference

Migrant and immigrant farmworkers face daunting obstacles to good health. Low income levels, occupational and agricultural hazards, and an unfamiliarity with the American healthcare system are just some of the difficulties these workers face.

United States

Workers' Compensation

Pesticide Reporting and Workers' Compensation in Agriculture Map

State specific criteria for workers' compensation for agricultural workers. Includes information about workers' compensation and undocumented workers.  Provides state-specific pesticide reporting requirements and appropriate surveillance agencies. In 30 states, clinicians are required to report pesticide exposure cases.  Developed by Farmworker Justice and MCN. 


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COMIC: Safety and Health on the Farm - It's your Right and it's the Law


A bilingual, full-color comic book about workers' compensation and workers' rights for immigrant dairy workers. It tells the story of a Mexican dairy worker injured on the job and the steps he and his employer take to ensure he receives benefits and the farm improves safety. These include stories that are applicable across the U.S. and those that are state specific.


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