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Continuing Education


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Webinar Presentation Slides: Creating a Medical Home for Patients on the Move

This webinar is the fifth in a series of seven in our Clinician Orienatation to Migration Health.

MCN and Partners Develop Comprehensive Clinical Tool

As part of our series of continuing education webinars, MCN partnered with the National Farm Medicine Center and Agrisafe Network in March to present the Nuts & Bolts of Cholinesterase Monitoring for Farmers, Ranchers and Agricultural Workers.

Webinar: The Nuts & Bolts of Cholinesterase Monitoring

Webinar Resources


Matthew C. Keifer, MD, MPH, Dean Emanuel Endowed Chair/ Director, National Farm Medicine Center
Carolyn Sheridan, RN, BSN, Clinical Director, AgriSafe Network


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Adult Lead Poisoning- Free Online CME Course for Health Care Providers

The California Department of Public Health’s Occupational Lead Poisoning Prevention Program is pleased to announce a new online course - Overview of Adult/Occupational Lead Poisoning in California.  Based on the latest health information about lead poisoning, this course:
    • Describes the problem of adult lead poisoning
    • Uses a case to illustrate issues and challenges in diagnosing lead poisoning in adult patients

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