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Family Violence

The Green Motel

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That’s what some women farmworkers call the fields and orchards in which they face persistent sexual assaults. As if backbreaking work, low wages and pesticide poisoning weren’t enough… (article appeared first in Ms Mazazine's summer online issue)

Domestic Violence Monograph

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Overview of domestic violence in the migrant community.

Domestic Violence Clinicial Supplement, 2002

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Preventing partner violence in refugee and immigrant communities

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This issue of Forced Migration Review, features an article about the Strengthening What Works initiative called "Preventing partner violence in refugee and immigrant communities." The article provides an overview of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation initiative for readers in the humanitarian and public health sectors and features information about MCN's program Hombres Unidos.

Family Violence Prevention

Since the mid-1990s, MCN has been involved in varied prevention projects aimed at raising public awareness about family violence and the resources available for battered migrant and immigrant women.

National Audio-Conference on MCN's violence prevention project Hombres Unidos

Speakers: Researcher/Principal Trainer: Emiliano Diaz de Leon, TAASA and MCN, TX. Practitioners: Jerry Tello, National Compadres Network, CA, and Judge Ramona Gonzalez, WI; hosted by Barbara Hart, Muskie School Article: Hombres Unidos.

Documentation of a positive IPV screen among community hospital clinicians

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This two-part study examines primary care clinicians' chart documentation and attitudes when confronted by a positive waiting room screen for intimate partner violence (IPV) and concludes that mandatory waiting room screening for IPV does not result in high levels of referral or safety planning by PCPs.

Love heals; hostility hurts

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New research shows that hostile marriages slow recovery from wounds.

MCN's Family Violence Prevention Initiatives

To learn more about MCN's programs, click below on each program title.

Engaging Migrant Men          Hombres Unidos

Hombres Unidos Contra la Violencia Familiar

Interested in Hombres Unidos?  

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