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Substance Abuse

Inscription In Drug Use Among Farm Workers

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Excerpts from "Inscription In Drug Use Among Farm Workers," Original (unpublished) research by Dr. Keith Bletzer.

Opiod Use Management Webinar Series, Part 5 - Paving the Path to Recovery

This webinar will examine the fundamental steps for maintaining an opioid-free lifestyle and the role providers and public health professionals toward supporting patients. Our experts will discuss recovery and best practices for maintaining recovery. Speakers will discuss the fact primary care providers should know when treating patients in recovery.

Learning Objectives:
•Identify best practices for treating patients in recovery.
•Review the standard guidelines and protocols for treating patients in recovery.


Substance Use and Migrant Labor, Part One

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The number of substances reported by 127 farm workers in a study conducted in three southern states (Inscription in Drug Use among Farm Workers) ranged from one (17 persons) to ten/more (6 persons)...Learn More.

Substance Use and Migrant Labor, Part Two

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Solid data is rare on migrant substance use. For several decades, the existent studies that had been published only discussed alcohol use [1,2]. Over the past decade, studies published on substances other than alcohol provide data on drug use in relation to other issues, such as HIV risk... Learn More.
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