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Pesticides and Farmworkers National Webinar Training Evaluation Webform

Pesticides and Farmworkers Matthew C. Keifer, MD, MPH National Webinar Training Evaluation Please complete this evaluation questionnaire. Your response will be used to revise this activity and to plan future educational activities. In addition, your continuing education certificate will be mailed to you.

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1 = Not at all     2 = Somewhat     3 = Almost completely     4 = Completely

PoorAcceptableGoodVery GoodExcellent
a) The presentation by Matthew Keifer MD, MPH
b) The expertise/scholarship of Matthew Keifer, MD, MPH
c) Overall content of the workshop
Not at allRarelySomewhatOftenEntirely
a) Present new areas of knowledge or new ideas/methods to implement?
b) Present information that is relevant to your work?
c) Prepare you adequately for problems that may occur in practice?
d) Contain information at a level commensurate with your training and experience?
  1  2  3  4
a) Report three important historical facts about pesticides
b) Explain the toxicological mechanism of important groups of pesticides
c) Identify the barriers that limit clinical testing for pesticide overexposure
d) Organize clinical observations that help confirm pesticide overexposure
e) List factors that make pesticide poisoning diagnosis and management more challenging in immigrant farm workers
f) Name existing antidotal approaches to pesticide induced illnesses
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