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CHICO, CALIF. — Borealis Philanthropy, a grantmaking advocacy group specializing in funding social justice movements across the United States, has selected the Migrant Clinician Network (MCN) as a recipient of the Immigration Litigation Fund for their initiative, Medical Review for Immigrants (MRI).

MRI is yet another example of the ambitious projects that MCN has been bold enough to pursue, focusing on securing releases for   immigrant detainees in order to facilitate  critical care for their ongoing health needs. Lead by Marsha Griffin, a pediatrician who also serves as MCN’s chair emeritus, MRI connects pro-bono attorneys and doctors within MCN’s clinical network to arrange for the secure release of identified immigrants with urgent health needs. Once the release of a client has been secured, MRI is able to provide bridge case management services, a cost-effective strategy that has helped to define MCN’s Health Network as a successful support system for more than 10,000 constituents. Through MCN, MRI is able to provide clients with records transfer, follow-up care, and other services congruent with case management, even as they stay on the move.

Receiving a $65,000 award from the Immigration Litigation Fund signals the opportunity to expand on the “good work we have already accomplished on a shoestring budget for the past two years,” Dr. Griffin said. “MCN is the engine that made it happen.”

According to their website, the Immigration Litigation Fund focuses on funding litigation projects which “brings harms to light, keeps the day-to-day experiences of immigrants in front of the court and in the public eye, and addresses problems not solved by legislation and in public opinion.” This commitment to upholding the essential civil and human rights for individuals caught in the crosshairs of the nation’s immigration enforcement system helped to identify Borealis as a natural funding source for MRI.

“We are so grateful to our staff contact at Borealis Philanthropy for seeing the value of our effort to support attorneys in their pursuit to secure releases for their clients held in immigration detention,” Deliana Garcia, Director, International Projects and Emerging Issues, said. “Dr. Griffin and I made the first contact, and were encouraged to submit, based on the strength of our idea.”

Ashley-Michelle Papon, MCN’s Project Coordinator, Outreach and Development, also contributed to this grant application.

For more information on MRI, please visit our website:


Media Mentions


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EPA Limits Enforcement of Pesticide Application Boundaries, from The Hill, quotes MCN's Amy K. Liebman, Director of Environmental and Occupational Health.


What New York Farmworkers Have Earned: Pay Them for Overtime, Despite What Farm Owners Have Said in Unfair Hearings, an opinion piece from the New York Daily News, quotes MCN's Dr. Ed Zuroweste, Founding Medical Director.


EPA Faces Decision on Chemical Linked to Brain Damage in Children from The Hill quotes MCN's Amy K. Liebman, Director of Environmental and Occupational Health.


Report Says Pandemic Exposed Conditions and Risk for Migrant Crab Pickers on the Eastern Shore from the Baltimore Sun quotes MCN's Amy K. Liebman, as Director of Environmental and Occupational Health and a resident of the Eastern Shore. 


Who Gets the First COVID-19 Vaccines? The Answer is a Complex Tangle of Science and Ethics from the Union of Concerned Scientists' blog quotes MCN's Karen Mountain, CEO, on the need to confront medicine's "tragic racist past."divider

How You Get Your Berries: Migrant Workers Who Fear Virus, but Toil On from the New York Times features MCN’s Amy K. Liebman, Director of Environmental and Occupational Health.


As Summer Season Heats Up, Migrant Workers Confront Compounded Coronavirus Risks from the Huffington Post chronicles the clinicians featured on MCN’s June 2020 webinar on COVID-19, farmworkers, and clinicians.


Medical Troubles, Letter to the Editor in the New Yorker, was written by MCN’s Dr. Laszlo Madaras, Chief Medical Officer, responding to the geographic stagnation of medical records.


Military jets salute workers on front line as more coronavirus cases and deaths are reported, from the Washington Post, features MCN’s Amy K. Liebman, Director of Environmental and Occupational Health, on COVID-19.


'The distancing is non-existent': Seafood processing workers in Massachusetts speak out about unsafe working conditions amid coronavirus from Business Insider features MCN’s Dr. Ed Zuroweste, Founding Medical Director.


I'm Worried About The Psychological Toll On Health Care Workers. They Need Help from WBUR/NPR features MCN’s Kaethe Weingarten, Director of Witness to Witness.


Migrant farmworkers feed America, and they’re at high risk for a coronavirus outbreak from Food & Environment Reporting Network features MCN’s Amy K. Liebman, Director of Environmental and Occupational Health.


Pre-existing conditions and lack of sick leave and health insurance puts farm workers at increased coronavirus risk from The Counter features MCN’s Amy K. Liebman, Director of Environmental and Occupational Health.

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