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Have developed school base dental programs for the last 18 years, rendering dental education and services within the Headstarts and schools. Developed Fluoride varnish program for MD's, MOMS dental health education, self based evidence survey for 3rd graders on oral health education, perinatal and diabetics oral health presentations. Speaker/presenter at Migrant East Coast and NYSOHC.

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Daniel Dolan: Profile Overview
Atty. Daniel D. Dolan II is considered as one of the most trusted lawyer for accomplishig several personal injury cases and recovering almost 80 million USD. He has his own firm that cares for its clients and just a click away at Because of the experience that he had gained in his profession, he was used in dealing with complex problems associated with injuries and adapt suitable solutions to encounter opposing tactics. He was acknowledge by his friends and clients because of his accomplishments as a lawyer.

His very own company, the Dolan Law may also be one component pleased Atty. Dolan since it could cater many clients who needs legal support. They provide attention to their clients situation and concern online. They understand the limited resource of the victims and their families so they have free case avaluation . Anyone is also free to browse for additional facts.

Dolan Law Firm would like to impart its knowledge and share relevant facts through personalinjuryblog. Feed yourself with these useful information and become familiar with much more about injuries and accidents law and cases. Enjoy reading through!

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Atty. Emery Brett Ledger is a nationally acclaimed personal injury attorney. His works are mostly recognized by various legal organizations. He finished his bachelors degree at Arizona State University in 1994 and his masters in law at Pepperdine School of Law in 1998.

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I am a graduate student with the University of Texas at El Paso and am searching for opportunities to work with migrant workers especially the women and children. My main concern is with issues of education and adequate healthcare including continuity of care as well as health literacy.

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I am the Communication Specialist @ Hunter Health Clinic. A non-profit urban community health clinic in Wichita, KS. We also are expanding outreach for the Farmworker and State Migrant Health Program. On the side, I also do Graphic Design & Independent Filmmaker.

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