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Martha Alvarado was born and raised in Northern California to migrant parents. She attended junior college at Mendocino College then transferred to California State University, Chico in 2004. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in General Biology in 2009 and is an admitted Star Trek aficionado. In her spare time, Martha enjoys playing tennis, softball, and relaxing with her 11 year old miniature Dachshund, Mandy.

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Since joining MCN in 2014, Claire Hutkins Seda has been writing and editing for MCN’s numerous communications and publications from the California office. Ms. Seda has written and edited for a variety of publications, both in-print and online. Her writing has focused on climate change, the environment, local food production and gardening, and social justice. She has previously worked for nonprofits focused on: land conservation, nature education, and research; fair trade certification and labeling; and the prevention and cleanup of groundwater contamination. She holds a BA in Politics from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Outside of MCN, Ms. Seda is a writer and an active community organizer around issues of climate change and environmental justice. She spends her spare time hiking the wild lands of Northern California with her partner and daughter.

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Corey Johnson develops graphics for MCN’s communications and outreach materials from the California office. He’s a graduate of California State University, Chico in Communication Design. After several years of successful design work at local businesses, Mr. Johnson joined MCN to lend his talents to the social justice movement. In his spare time, Mr. Johnson loves photography and getting outdoors.

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Theressa Lyons is the Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator for Migrant Clinicians Network (MCN). Ms. Lyons is responsible for the oversight of HRSA and Cancer Grants. She is also responsible for developing other grant opportunities for MCN.

Ms. Lyons has twenty years’ experience as a consultant in administration, training, and customer service. In her personal life, she is the founder and Co-Director of The Circle of Friends Alzheimer’s Caregivers Respite Care dedicated to giving respite to those who care for loved ones living with Alzheimer’s disease.

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Mariah Hennen is the Outreach Paralegal with Legal Action of Wisconsin's Farmworker Project. As the Outreach Paralegal at the Farmworker Project, Mariah performs extensive outreach to agricultural workers throughout the state of Wisconsin. In addition, Mariah develops legal education materials, conducts community presentations, and supports Farmworker Project attorneys in case management and litigation. Mariah has previous experience working with farmworkers in Michigan, and has in-depth knowledge on a variety of issues and concerns farmworkers may have, including the H2A guestworker program and labor trafficking issues. Mariah has given presentations at the Midwest Stream Forum for Agricultural Worker Health, CORT Migrant Farmworker Law Training, and the Central Michigan University Human Rights Conference.

Mariah graduated from Kalamazoo College with degrees in Anthropology and International and Area Studies, specializing in Latin America. Mariah has lived and done research in Oaxaca, Mexico and is passionate about the intersections of food justice and immigration justice. Mariah firmly believes in the importance of working with migrants on initiatives that support their communities. Mariah is fluent in Spanish. When not working, Mariah enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors. Mariah is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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Alma Colmenero moved from Dallas, TX to Austin in 2008 to pursuit her education at The University of Texas at Austin and she graduated with a degree in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing. During her sophomore year she started a sorority on campus to provide support for her fellow students and to give back. When she's not working she likes to listen to music, shop and hang out with her friends and family.

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Kerry Brennan grew up in Bel Air, Maryland. She attended Salisbury University in Maryland and graduated with bachelor’s degrees in Environmental Studies and Spanish. As part of her Spanish degree, she spent a semester abroad in Cuenca, Ecuador where she lived with a host family and studied Spanish and environmental issues of the Andes. After graduation, Ms. Brennan interned at MCN’s Maryland office and in October of 2013, officially joined the Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH) team.

Ms. Brennan’s work at MCN is focused on worker health and safety and environmental justice for migrant and immigrant populations. MCN’s Maryland office also works to integrate EOH into primary care through health center partnerships, clinician training, technical assistance, and resource distribution. Ms. Brennan has presented nationally on MCN's environmental and occupational health programs and has published an article examining farmworkers' roles in advocating for a strengthened Worker Protection Standard.

In addition to spending five months in Ecuador, Ms. Brennan has traveled to Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Peru. Outside of her work at MCN, Ms. Brennan’s passion lies in dance -- she teaches ballet, tap, jazz, and lyrical at a dance studio in Salisbury, MD. Ms. Brennan also enjoys outdoor activities such as kayaking and going hiking with her German Shepherd, Rust.

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Elaine Penn has worked with MCN since August 1993, when she supported the organization as a contractor providing accounting services. Since joining MCN as an employee in 2003, Ms. Penn has functioned as the Chief Financial Officer, working with the staff and board. Ms. Penn works with independent auditors each year who perform an A-133 audit of the entire organization. MCN has a history of audits with no material findings or material instances of noncompliance. Ms. Penn works with program managers to ensure budget requirements for each grant are met. In addition, Ms. Penn serves as the Human Resources Director.

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Wilson Augustave was born into a Haitian immigrant family in Nassau, Bahamas. Due to increasing deportation activities and violence against Haitians, his family migrated to a farmworker community on the local island of Abaco, Bahamas. There they harvested cucumbers, tomatoes, and sugar cane. The family migrated to South Florida in 1981. Due to not having marketable skills, his family joined the Eastern migrant circuit. Along with his family, Mr. Augustave harvested oranges and watermelon in Florida, peaches and watermelon in Georgia, watermelons in Missouri, and autumn apples in Upstate New York, after which the family returned home to Avon Park, Florida. In 1992, Mr. Augustave found a position outside of farmwork with the Finger Lakes Migrant Health Care Project in the Finger Lakes region of New York where he hoped to make a positive impact in the lives of farmworkers. He became a strong advocate for all farmworkers, including the Haitian, African American, and Jamaican communities. Through his decades of service with Migrant Health Care and Federally Qualified Health Centers, he was blessed by his peers and the farmworkers. He has proudly served on local and national boards, participating as an active voice on cultural awareness, barriers to care, working conditions, and best practices to address the needs of our nation’s farmworkers. Mr. Augustave is currently a small business owner/employer, certified HIV/AIDS and STD counselor, pesticide trainer, substance abuse educator, former cultural diversity apprentice, and case manager. He is currently performing health outreach and case management to migrant workers and low income community members in the Finger Lakes region.

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Corey Erb is originally from Bloomington, Illinois. He has lived in Miami, Chicago and Austin. Corey graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in journalism and economics. He lives in Austin with his wife, who is a therapist with the juvenile probation department.

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