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Users who work for MCN

Martha Alvarado's picture

Martha Alvarado was born and raised in Northern California to migrant parents. She attended junior college at Mendocino College, after which transferred to California State University, Chico. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in General Biology in 2009. Ms. Alvarado is an admitted Star Trek aficionado. In her spare time, she enjoys playing tennis, and softball.

Claire Hutkins Seda's picture

Since joining MCN in 2014, Claire Hutkins Seda has been writing and editing for MCN’s numerous communications and publications from the California office. Ms. Seda has written and edited for a variety of publications, both in-print and online. Her writing has focused on climate change, the natural world, local food production and gardening, and social justice. She has previously worked for nonprofits focused on: land conservation, nature education, and research; fair trade certification and labeling; and the prevention and cleanup of groundwater contamination. She holds a BA in Politics from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Outside of MCN, Ms. Seda is a writer and an active community organizer around issues of climate change and environmental justice. She spends her spare time hiking the wild lands of Northern California with her partner and daughter.

Cloé Destinoble's picture

Cloé Destinoble is MCN’s Program Manager for Migrant and Immigrant Health. She graduated from the Department of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Stempel College at Florida International University with a master’s degree in Public Health with a concentration in Maternal and Child Health. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Florida Atlantic University. Ms. Destinoble is a strong advocate for achieving health equity, eliminating disparities, and improving population health. In 2019, her research gave her the opportunity to present at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting and Expo conference in Philadelphia. She has worked as an HIV peer educator for the department of health in Florida. Ms. Destinoble has also worked with a few health departments and contributed as a Biological Scientist in their epidemiology departments by investigating COVID-19 cases and assisting in the control of infections. As a biological scientist, Ms. Destinoble aimed to promote health and prevent the spread of COVID-19 by identifying, assessing and managing people or contact who have been exposed to the virus and assist with preventing additional transmission by educating by communicating audience-appropriate public health content, both in writing (health messaging using technology) and through oral presentation by applying awareness of cultural values. Her research interests include maternal and child health, maternal mortality, infant mortality, capacities that affect physical and mental health, population health, health disparities, and health equity.

Ms. Destinoble is passionate about serving the underserved immigrant population and advocating for them. She is multicultural and multilingual. She was born in Haiti, then moved to Florida where she spent the majority of her life. She now resides in Maryland and is looking to serve the migrant and immigrant population there.

Sonia Alvarado's picture

Sonia Alvarado is a recent graduate from CSU Chico, receiving her Bachelors of Science in Biology with an option in Ecological, Evolutionary, and Organismal Biology (yes, it’s quite a mouthful) in May of 2019. While attending university, Ms. Alvarado worked as an assistant in the Banet Lab, providing care to juvenile salmon as part of a project detailing the effects water temperature has on their development. She also had the opportunity to take a marine biology course in Costa Rica, where she swam with bioluminescent plankton and trekked through the Monteverde Cloud Forest.

Ms. Alvarado has been with MCN for a little over a year, helping to keep the data systems in working order. Coming from migrant grandparents, she appreciates the opportunity to be a part of an organization that does such important work in health justice.

Outside of MCN, Ms. Alvarado hopes to go into conservation with the goal of preserving some of the earth’s most vulnerable and misunderstood animals, and the environments they call home. Like any good field biologist, she prefers to spend her free time hunting for insects to add to her growing collection and enjoying some of Chico’s more splendid views.

Verónica Torres Gonzalez's picture

Verónica Torres Gonzalez is MCN’s Bilingual Project Coordinator. She is coordinating our Puerto Rico-based program, "Community Mobilization in Emergency Preparedness" and supporting the Puerto Rico office in reaching local partners and increasing its impact.
Born in La Isla del Encanto, Puerto Rico, Verónica graduated from the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus and holds a Bachelor's in Social Sciences with a focus on Labor Relations. She wants to pursue graduate studies that allow her to work on providing assistance and guidance to health care settings focusing on vulnerable populations. Her passion for justice in health came from her volunteer work and extracurricular activities with MEDLIFE, a nonprofit organization, providing medical supplies, education, and development to low-income communities on the island and throughout Latin America. In her free time, she likes to play with her dog, Brownie, and travel.

amedel-herrero's picture

Alvaro is a social scientist and epidemiologist, with specific training in public policy, health services assessment and social determinants of health. His career as an epidemiologist began in Spain at the Department of Public Health due to a competitive national scholarship that funded his entire PhD program. His research has focused on the social determinants of health in the most vulnerable populations, including the homeless, young immigrant prostitute women, undocumented immigrants and minorities, and those with mental health conditions and substance abuse problems. His research interests include public policy analysis, mental health, health disparities and health services assessment. The impact of Economic Recessions on health is a major research topic throughout his research tenure. Upon arriving to California with his wife few years ago, his goal was to primarily focus on the Latino population and undocumented immigrants, where he successfully led some studies on domestic violence, mental health and agricultural health and safety, including the California Agricultural Workers Stress Project (CAWSP). Alvaro aims to infuse all of his projects with strong community engagement outcomes and patient-centered care strategies. He is passionate about hiking and nature and very much enjoys social life and live music in Sacramento and San Francisco area.

Jessica Calderón's picture

Jessica Calderón was born in Tamaulipas, Mexico where she resided until the age of 12 when she moved to Austin, Texas with her family. At a young age, Calderón proved that even with her limited English proficiency, she was motivated to succeed. As an undergraduate student, Calderón distinguished herself with outstanding technical and interpersonal skills. Coursework for her degree in psychology included work on cultural competence, mental illness, and human relations. Calderón’s passion in psychology led to a solid foundation in the understanding of human relationships, which created an intense drive to learn more about how to help preteens, teens, and adults navigate complex emotions, low self-esteem, and the difficult things that life can present.

Calderón had the opportunity to work as an intern with Migrant Clinicians Network in the spring of 2019. During her internship, she worked with Roxana Pineda at Ventanilla de Salud at the Mexican Consulate providing local Mexican citizens and other Latinos with health resources, and attending networking meetings with other local organizations interested in educating and informing about disease prevention.

Under the direction of Nelly Salgado de Snyder, MA, DSW, and in collaboration with other interns, Calderón conducted and developed a study to explore the barriers and facilitators to vaccination as reported by adult Mexican-origin males.

In 2019, Calderón graduated from Texas State University, with a double major in Psychology and Spanish Literature. She was part of Sigma Delta Pi, a National Honor Society, and served the organization during her last semester as vice president. Calderón volunteered with organizations like the National Kidney Foundation, Central Texas Food Bank, and Austin Police Operation Blue Santa because she knows the impact that organizations like those have in the community.

After graduation, Calderón was invited to return as a staff member to MCN, to continue her work to support her community by utilizing and expanding her skill set and drawing on the curiosity and passion that brought her to MCN in the first place.

Currently, Calderón supports MCN’s department of International Projects and Emerging Issues, which is providing her with the opportunity to learn and practice new skills that she wants to use to help the community. Calderón is also pursuing her Alternate Entry Master of Science in Nursing (AE-MSN) program prerequisites and planning to apply to this program at the end of 2020. Through the Psych/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Program (PMHNP), she plans to provide primary psychiatric-mental health care at an advanced level to individuals of all ages and their families.

Calderón seeks to specialize in working with client populations who have a history of trauma, abuse, attachment interruption, and family problems of origin. She believes that through meaningful work alongside patients, they can work to overcome or manage trauma and gain significant improvements in health, self-esteem, relationships, and general quality of life.

Besides work and school, Calderón is passionate about any activity that allows her to connect with nature: from kayaking to mountain hiking. As demonstrated by her two consecutive participations in the Austin Half Marathon, Calderón loves challenges and is always ready to get out of the comfort zone. She also likes to travel, art, music, books, and spending quality time with friends & family.

Norma Gonzalez's picture

Norma Gonzalez, LMT is a Health Network Associate. Born in Sonora, Mexico, Ms. Gonzalez migrated to the US in 2001 with her family to San Luis, Arizona. Her father had worked in the fields most of his life. As a migrant farmworker in the US, he spent November through March in Arizona, and the rest of the year working in fields in California. Ms. Gonzalez graduated from Arizona Western College in 2013 with an Associate's Degree in Applied Science as a massage therapist. She worked as a licensed massage therapist from 2011 to 2014. She then worked as a physical therapy technician for four years. In 2018, after getting married, she decided to move to Austin, Texas with her family. Her hobbies include painting and shopping.

Roxana Pineda's picture

Luisa Roxana Pineda was born in Veracruz, Mexico. She graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition and has a Master´s Degree of Public Health with a specialty in Community Nutrition from Autonoma de Nuevo Leon University. In her free time, enjoys shopping, restoring wood furniture, painting ceramics and going to the cinema or to concerts with her husband.

Giorgio Alberto Franyuti Kelly's picture

Giorgio Alberto Franyuti Kelly, MD, is the Executive Director of Medical IMPACT, a nonprofit organization based in Mexico that provides humanitarian medical assistance to communities living under extreme marginalization, political instability, difficult access, or natural disasters. He has led and developed interventions that has provided humanitarian medical assistance and supplies or prevention education to over 20,000 people in Kenya, Sierra Leone, Cuba, Guatemala, and Mexico. He has published widely on health concerns, including on Ebola and apoptosis. Dr. Franyuti is a medical doctor with a specialty degree in occupational health and a Master’s degree in Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities Direction and Administration from Anahuac University, Mexico City.

Giorgio Alberto Franyuti Kelly, MD es el Director Ejecutivo de Medical IMPACT, una organización sin fines de lucro con sede en México que proporciona asistencia médica y humanitaria a comunidades que viven en condiciones de marginación extrema, inestabilidad política, dificultades de acceso o desastres naturales. Ha liderado y desarrollado operaciones que han brindado asistencia médica humanitaria y suministros o educación preventiva a más de 200 000 personas en Kenia, Sierra Leona, Cuba, Guatemala y México. El Dr. Franyuti es un médico especialista en salud ocupacional y tiene una maestría en Dirección y Gestión de Hospitales e Instituciones de Salud de la Universidad Anáhuac, en la Ciudad de México.

Robert Shelly's picture

Robert Shelly, MD, FAAP is a doctor in pediatrics and internal medicine at Finger Lakes Community Health, a Federally Qualified Health Center that serves a large number of immigrant agricultural workers in New York. Raised in the Democratic Republic of Congo (then Zaire) to two American doctors, Dr. Shelly spent much of his early career serving small rural communities internationally, including in El Salvador and Nicaragua, where he served as a clinician and also trained local health workers using popular education methods. Upon returning to the US in 2002, Dr. Shelly joined Quincy Community Health in Washington, serving migrant and immigrant agricultural workers, before moving to New York for his present position in 2010.

Robert Shelly, MD, FAAP, es médico en pediatría y medicina interna en el Centro Comunitario Finger Lakes, un centro de salud federalmente calificado que atiende a una gran cantidad de trabajadores agrícolas inmigrantes en Nueva York. Hijo de dos médicos estadounidenses, el doctor Shelly creció en la República Democrática del Congo (en ese entoces Zaire) y pasó la mayor parte de su carrera al servicio de pequeñas comunidades rurales en otros países, incluyendo El Salvador y Nicaragua, donde trabajó como médico y también capacitó a trabajadores de centros de salud locales usando métodos de educación popular. A su regreso a Estados Unidos, en 2002, Dr. Shelly empezó a atender a trabajadores migrantes y agrícolas en Quincy Community Health, en Washington, antes de regresar a su cargo actual en Nueva York en 2010.

Candra Wolcott's picture

Candra Wolcott is a native Texan, born in San Benito and raised in Austin. After five years working for the Travis County Auditor’s office, Ms. Wolcott enrolled at the Texas State University, where she now studies toward a degree in Microbiology. In 2017, Ms. Wolcott joined MCN as a Financial Associate. In 2018, she was promoted to Office Manager for the Austin office. Upon graduation, Ms. Wolcott plans to focus on homeopathic medicine for life-threatening illnesses with a strong emphasis on cancer. When she is not at work or school, Ms. Wolcott enjoys traveling, playing with her baby twin nieces, and spending time outdoors adding to her ever-growing rock collection.

Robert Corona's picture

Robert Corona graduated from UT Austin in 2010 with a degree in Linguistics and came to MCN in 2016 after having traveled the world and gaining invaluable insight into the plights of underserved populations in several other countries. He works with Health Network to ensure that patients have a continuity of health services wherever they go. Mr. Corona speaks Spanish, French and Portuguese, and is currently learning Nahuatl. He uses his linguistic background to contact patients all over the world, and specializes in managing cases as far away as the Philippines. In his free time, he works as a freelance photographer and is involved with the Latino/Indigenous community in various ways.

Andrea Custode's picture

Andrea Custode joined MCN in August 2017, shortly after moving to Austin from Charlotte, North Carolina. She is the executive assistant to Elaine Penn, Chief Financial Officer, and also provides executive support to both Karen Mountain, MBA, MSN, RN, Chief Executive Office, and Deliana Garcia, MA, Director, International Projects and Emerging Issues. Ms. Custode also works with program managers to ensure budget requirements for each grant are met. When she's not working she likes to attend sporting events and concerts, watch movies, travel, spend time with her dog, Kaizer, and family, or spend time finding new fun things to do around Austin.

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