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Dr. Sokas brings a background of clinical practice in under-served communities and science and policy work in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health to participatory research and educational programs engaging workers, community members, practitioners and students in medicine, public health, nursing and community peer education. Her research focuses on occupational and environmental health among high risk, low-wage vulnerable populations. Her publications address the role primary care providers play in addressing the prevention needs of under-served working populations, and etiologic and intervention studies targeting hazards faced by construction workers, healthcare workers, immigrant day labor and home care workers, including the impact of contingent work and the need for supply chain and other policy interventions. Her interests include transdisciplinary collaboration and mixed-method approaches to addressing social justice concerns in the workplace and in the community.

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Dr. Gould is a long-time advocate for public health, primary care and preventative medicine, Gould also is AHEC director, medical director of Hartford’s Department of Health and Human Services, and medical director of the Burgdorf Health Center, a community clinic serving the underserved population in Hartford’s north end in collaboration with Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center. He also is the founder of and an adviser to the Mobile Free Migrant Farmworker Clinic, which has served Connecticut’s migrant farm worker population since 1998. Dr. Gould is involved in the development and delivery of the medical school’s quality improvement and patient safety curriculum and its nutrition curriculum. He helped establish UConn’s Urban Service Track, a special mentorship program designed to produce doctors, dentists, nurses and pharmacists committed to serving Connecticut’s urban underserved populations, and the Youth Health Services Corps, a nationally recognized recruitment program that trains and places high school students as volunteers in various health care agencies.

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Dr. Wold is the Director of the Farmworker Family Health program (FWFHP) for the Lillian Carter Center for Global Health and Social Responsibility at the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing, Emory University. In its 20th year (2013), the FWFHP is an interprofessional, rural, cultural immersion service learning experience that provides health professionals students the opportunity to provide care to migrant farmworkers and their families. The FWFHP partners with the local farmworker clinic, farm owners, the health district and the local board of education among others to deliver care for two weeks each summer to approximately 1000 workers and their families. Dr. Wold has received the Carnegie/CASE Foundation 2012 Award as Georgia Professor of the Year and has taught Public Health Nursing for over 30 years.

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I am a second-year resident at the Boston Combined Residency Program in pediatrics. I am originally from California, and did my first year of residency at Children's Hospital Oakland before transferred to Boston to be with my husband. However, we both plan to move back to the west in the next few years. Before medical school, I worked as a Spanish-English interpreter for about a year and a half. I also spent some time working at the US-Mexico border and taught ESL in immigrant communities in South Philadelphia when I was a medical student. I hope to develop a career in migrant health and would love to talk with some of your staff about their careers and work.

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I will enter my bio very soon, i'm new to this site.

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Médico pediatra neonatólogo con maestría en administración de hospitales y maestría en educación. CEO de Neokids; jefe de pediatría en Hospital Angeles Villahermosa. Catedrático en UAG Tabasco.

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