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users working for a/an: School of Public Health

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Epidemiologist at the University of Iowa.

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Hugo Lopez-Gatell, MD, MSc, PhD. is a Mexican physician, specialist in Internal Medicine, and doctor in Epidemiology. Since 2013, he is Director of Innovation on Infectious Disease Surveillance and Control at the Mexican National Institute of Public Health. He served from 2008 to 20012 as Director General of Epidemiology at Mexico's Ministry of Health. He worked several years as a clinician at the National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition in Mexico City where he became Vice-Director of Clinical Research. Dr. Lopez-Gatell is also Assistant Professor at the School of Medicine of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

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Work for Virtual Incubation - research on Aegis (medical device)

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I am a graduate student with the University of Texas at El Paso and am searching for opportunities to work with migrant workers especially the women and children. My main concern is with issues of education and adequate healthcare including continuity of care as well as health literacy.

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Academic with a specialty in health law and policy , particular interest in telemedicine and e-health issues in a legal context.

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MD Mexico, Universidad La Salle
MSc Epidemiology Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
PhD Candidate Epidemiology Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

Areas of interest: Migrant health. Diabetes and Liver Diseases

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I am a 3rd year medical student through San Antonio spending the year down in the Rio Grande Valley. I have organized projects in the past to provide health services to the indigent populations of lower Texas through Frontera de Salud and am now working with Migrant Health Promotion to develop projects in the Rio Grande Valley. I am interested in speaking to someone from MCN to see if possibly you might have information on the location of migrant workers in our area. With the changing demographics and seasonal migrations recently, we are having trouble locating migrants in our area to sign them up for medicaid benefits and provide other health related services. Please e mail me or call me if you can work with us to help out our local populations. Thanks!

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