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users with a sub-specialty of: Case Management

rpino's picture

I was born and raised in New Mexico but lived in Las Vegas, NV for 17 years. I have been involved in many volunteer projects and organizations.

dmsalisbury's picture

I am currently a Public Health Nurse with Monterey County Health Department. I specialize in tuberculosis control. I am also attending Walden University School of Nursing for an MSN in FNP.

lindapsullivan's picture

I'm an Advanced Practice Nurse (both a Clinical Nurse Specialist and Nurse Practitioner) with a background in adult and pediatric oncology, palliative and hospice care, symptom management, and geriatrics now working with the underserved population with chronic medical and behavioral health conditions/ disease

amani's picture

clinical quality coordinator,seeking for supportive tools for quality management in medical field

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