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Users with a Job Title of Executive Associate

Raven Barai's picture

Raven Barai recently joined MCN as Executive Associate in the Austin office. She provides support for a myriad of activities and staff at MCN. Outside of work, Raven dedicates most of her time to her two kids. She especially enjoys cooking, painting, and spending time with her family.

akrey's picture

Anna Krey has been the Executive Associate at MCN since July 2013. She studied Public Health (B.S.) and Medical Anthropology (B.A.) at the University of Washington, and has worked and volunteered in a variety of nonprofit settings, including microfinance and enterprise training in Bangalore and Mexico City, refugee services in Seattle, and child development in Eugene. She also worked for the Innovative Programs Research Group and the Center for Clinical and Epidemiological Research at the University of Washington.

She lives in Austin with her husband, Christopher.

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