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Users with a Job Title of Ms

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Integrative Health Centre|For Comprehensive And Natural Health Care
The Integrative Health Centre is a leading health clinic in Alberta, Canada for more than twelve years that offers comprehensive natural health care and has a highly effective approach in treating chronic illnesses using Naturopathic treatments. The doctors at the Integrative Health clinic are known for the effective medications and really knowledgeable about Physiology, Anatomy, Nutrition and Herbal Medicine. They have a selection of services for the patients and if you want to know this, kindly visit their website at
The Integrative Health Centre is the source of information and naturopathic procedures to correct the overall physical dysfunction. Naturopathic medicine blends the natural healing process with the modern scientific forms of medicine. It also addresses the cause of disease through treating the body, mind and spirit of a person. Additionally, the doctors know how to handle stress related illnesses, digestive disorders, allergies and mood related issues of the patients. The clinic wants their patients to be involved in their own natural health care program to make effective and educated decisions and prevent future illnesses.

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Marika has a MSc in Transcultural Health and she currently coordinating the Migrant Health Unit within the Primary Health Care in Malta. The main roles of the unit are: health education to migrants, development and delivery of the training programme for interpreters and training for health professionals in cross-cutural issues.

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