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Women's Telehealth

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Their Story: 

Women's Telehealth was formed by a small group of health care executives and board certified physician providers that had worked together for years, become adept at using healthcare technology and had ties to the rural Georgia obstetrical community. Women's Telehealth principals had noticed that, increasingly, high risk OB (obstetrics) women in rural locations of the state had to travel hours to appointments, and at times were transferred 1 to 3 hours away (and often at great expense) from family and support for specialized care.Most MFM (maternal fetal medicine) providers are based in large tertiary care centers. However, recent advances in telemedicine, combined with a favorable HIT (healthcare IT) and reimbursement structure in the State of Georgia, scarce MFM physician resources nationwide, and a desperate need for sub-specialty OB care in the rural parts of our state, all have allowed this breakthrough service to be born.

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