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WEBINAR: Ten Tips for Clinical Operational Reviews


Part 3 of the 6 webinar series: Essential Clinical Issues in Migration Health

DATE RECORDED: April 23, 2014
PRESENTED BY:  Jennie McLaurin, MD, Migrant Clinicians Network

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There are 19 formal program requirements for Federally Qualified Health Centers and failure to meet them results in grant conditions and other possible operational restrictions. Program requirements cover fiscal, clinical, administrative and governance issues. Although about half of the requirements include clinical components, reviewers often find that health center clinicians are unaware of the program requirements and may have had little training in how to ensure they are implemented. This session will review the clinical aspects of the program requirements, consider criteria used in assessing them on site, share common performance improvement recommendations, and discuss mechanisms for greater clinician input into achieving and sustaining requirements within a center.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the 19 program requirements by clinical, administrative, fiscal and governance components.
  2. Associate clinical performance requirements with health center process improvement strategies.
  3. Learn a tool for linking program requirements with clinical performance measures, PCMH criteria, meaningful use expectations and needs assessments of special populations.


What is the Clinician's Role in Recruiting Consumer Board Members?

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