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This comic book serves as support for health promoters as they convey basic information on respiratory health and air pollution. It includes basic concepts of the respiratory system, particulate matter, the Air Quality Index, sources of air pollution and the personal protective equipment that outdoor workers should wear to protect themselves from respiratory illnesses.

Adults Get Vaccinated Too is an educational tool in the form of a comic book for health educators who work with the community and who need to provide information about vaccinations, when and where they are administered, and the symptoms that characterize the diseases they prevent.

Through a conversation between farmworkers in the field, this colorful and easy-to-understand comic book helps its readers to learn, in a simple and natural way, the importance of getting vaccinated and boosting their vaccines during their adulthood to prevent diseases such as hepatitis B, meningitis, chickenpox, influenza, tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, measles, mumps, rubella and COVID-19.

Mi Salud es mi tesoro - Puerto Rico

La diabetes es una condición de salud común pero complicada que enfrentan los trabajadores agrícolas. Para ayudarles a conocer sobre esta enfermedad, Migrant Clinicians Network se asoció con Salvador Sáenz (artista profesional y coloborador) para crear "Mi salud es mi tesoro: una guía para vivir bien con diabetes". Este libro cómico en español explora el tema a través de la historia de un trabajador agrícola, quien recientemente fue diagnosticado con diabetes.

COVID-19 and Our Community - Flipchart

COVID-19 and Our Community: Better Safe Than Sorry! is an educational material to support the work of community health workers on COVID-19 and its prevention. It is complemented by a guide with concrete suggestions on how to use the flipchart and links to resources for those who want to delve deeper into the subject and investigate if there are any changes in the information.

The flipchart includes basic concepts of COVID-19, prevention and vaccination in the form of clear and simple messages that are supported by culturally appropriate illustrations to facilitate the process of communicating and transmitting information to community members. You can download these resources for free in both English and Spanish.

Helping the Helpers - Comic Book

Among the many obligations health care providers have to their patients, their families and life in general, they forget to put themselves on the priority list. This comic book dedicated to health care providers reminds them how important it is to take care of themselves to meet the needs of their patients and families. It also offers simple self-care steps to improve overall wellness.

Elder vaccinated woman in purple shirt  Elder vaccinated woman in purple shirt

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