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A depression diagnosis that warrants treatment or treatment change, needs at least one of the first two questions endorse as positive (little pleasure, feeling depressed) indicating the symptom has been present more than half the time in the past two weeks.


In addition the tenth question about difficulty at work or home or getting along with others should be answered at least "somewhat difficult".


When a depression diagnosis has been made patient preferences should be considered, especially when choosing between treatment recommendations of antidepressant treatment and psychotherapy.

The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) provides for federal regulation of pesticide distribution, sale, and use. All pesticides distributed or sold in the United States must be registered (licensed) by EPA. Before EPA may register a pesticide under FIFRA, the applicant must show, among other things, that using the pesticide according to specifications "will not generally cause unreasonable adverse effects on the environment.''

These resources from the Health Insurance Marketplace can be used to help direct clients to information about the Affordable Care Act.

Cover page of Cuidate comic

¡Cuídate! is an educational resource on the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries at work. This comic is in Spanish, English and Haitian Creole.

Highlights of MCN's services and programs in action during 2017! Available in English and Spanish.


The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Worker Protection Standard (WPS)protects agricultural workers from the health risks associated with pesticides. The WPS requires agricultural employers to comply with minimum safety precautions when using pesticides on farms and in nurseries, greenhouses or forests. Requirements include: training of workers handling pesticides or working in treated areas, provision of adequate personal protective equipment (PPE), communication of information about work areas recently treated with pesticides and when it is safe to re-enter these areas, and in case of emergency, availability of decontamination facilities and provision of medical assistance. The following guide reflects the WPS provisions currently in effect, which were last updated in 2015.


This poster is the first in a series at Pacific Lutheran University underwritten by a grant from the Pride Foundation.

The My Language. My Choice (MLMC) Campaign is a poster campaign to address the use of hurtful and harmful language. The campaign is focused on personal responsibility and choice.  Student leaders from various areas on campus have been photographed tearing up a word that they personally choose not to use.

If you would like further information about hurtful/harmful language, provide feedback, and continue the conversation about language choice, please visit the PLU Diversity Center website at


As part of the response to the Zika outbreak, CDC, in collaboration with state, local, tribal, and territorial health departments, established a pregnancy registry for comprehensive monitoring of pregnancy and infant outcomes following possible Zika virus infection. The registry is an active surveillance system of pregnant women with laboratory evidence of possible Zika virus infection in the 50 US states and DC, and in the US territories. On May 20, 2016, CDC released detailed information about the registry and will initiate weekly reporting of the number of pregnant women followed in the registry.