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MCN's 2021 Impact Report

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has released an updated and improved version of the Surgeon General's internet-based family health history tool. The new tool makes it easier for patients to assemble and share family health history and can also help practitioners make better use of health history information. For more detailed information about the new tool, please visit the website listed.

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re proud to announce that our Safe Pregnancy and Birth mobile app is now available for free as a beta release for Android phones.  Click here to download it now from the Google Play app store.  In January, we released our app for iPhones; click here to download it from the Apple store.  If you don’t have an Android or iPhone, you can preview the app here

Show your support of the vaccine in your community! MCN’s #YoMeLaPuse campaign offers five beautifully designed posters showing people of various ages after their vaccination that are available for download and printing. A sixth poster is customizable, allowing communities to paste in a photo of a local religious leader, or community health care providers, or other community leader who is proud to have gotten the vaccine. The posters are accompanied by a short video in Spanish, which can be played at community events and in waiting rooms.

Yo me la puse poster examples

Templates for creating your own posters are available below.


Una Practica Diaria Para Restaurar la Ecuanmidad

The AIDS Education and Training Centers conduct targeted, multidisciplinary education and training programs for health care providers treating persons living with HIV/AIDS. This website provides a central repository for AETC program and contact information and for training materials developed within the AETC network.

All of the links provided below are examples of various job applicaitons/description for Medical Assistants.  The organizations allowed us use of these forms strictly as a resource for Medical Assistants.

1.)  Borinquen Health Care Center, Inc. - Medical Asistant Job Application,

2.)  Primary Health Care Inc., -  Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) Application,

3.)  Northwest Health Services, Inc. -  Medical Assistant RN Annex,

4.)  Shalom Health Care Center - New Employee Medical Assistant Basic Skills Quiz,

5.)  Family Health Center of Battle Creek - f Job Description for Medical Assistant

6.)  Katy Trail Community Health -  Medical Assistant Essential Duties, Job Function, & Qualifications

7.)  Community Health Centers of Greater Dayton - Position Description for Medical Assistant I

8.)  Community Health Centers of Greater Dayton - Position Description for Medical Assistant II

9.)  Medical Assistant Job Description

10.)  Health Partners of Western Ohio - Position Description for Medical Assistant

11.)  Westside Healthcare Association, Inc. - Job Description/Specification for Medical Assistant


Highlights of MCN's services and programs in action during 2018! View using links below:

How to have a restorative Holiday

The Workbook provides a process that can support state, local,and tribal planners as they advance in their efforts to reach all populations—and specifically, special populations—in day-today communication and during crisis or emergency situations.

The Workbook is divided into three primary sections, each representing a major stage in the process of communicating with special populations,and provides a baseline of research plus selected resources that should substantially reduce the work required of health departments to begin this process.

New bilingual resource available April 2014!

Student Action with Farmworkers (SAF) has been using theater as an educational tool with farmworkers for over twenty years. By drawing on techniques of popular theater, SAF performs culturally appropriate, lively skits and facilitates theater workshops at farm labor camps. These performances spur conversations about mental and physical health, living and working conditions, and farmworker movements for social justice.

Many of SAF’s performances have focused on health issues, and they aim for this guide to offer dynamic tools for health care providers, educators, outreach workers, and public health innovators. Practitioners can also use these techniques with other populations across the social justice spectrum. For both organizers and educators, SAF hopes that popular theater can bolster the messages and information that you so readily share and provide a dynamic approach to outreach. Resources include songs, scripts, theater games and icebreakers. Printed copies are free, but SAF accepts small contributions to cover shipping and handling ($5-10/copy).


Available in print and online

Contact: Laxmi Haynes , 919-660-3660

Guidelines for parents to match child's growth and development with the requirements of different farm chores in order to lessen the risk of farm related disease or injury in children and teenagers. North American Guidelines for Children's Agricultural Tasks was developed by the National Children's Center for Rural Agricultural Health and Safety.

This almost real-time map shows where COVID-19 cases have been reported, all over the world, which provides some perspective and allows for a visual understanding of the spread as it progresses. 

Children and the COVID-19 Vaccine Trifold

How to De-escalate a Tense Interaction

Program pays tuition, required fees, other reasonable costs and a monthly stipend. Preference is given to qualified applicants with the greatest financial need who are enrolled full-time in an undergraduate nursing program.

Leer en espanol button


These image-centric, editable vaccine resources in multiple languages help you reach refugee, immigrant, and migrant communities with important information regarding getting a vaccine as well as safety measures to take after being vaccinated. These colorful flyers, in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole, offer a Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware-specific option to choose from or editable versions for users to insert their own state-specific information such as their state vaccine logo, vaccine sign-up website and phone number, and organization logo. Along with these fliers, MCN has created a simple ‘how-to’ video (see above) for editing the fliers. The original designs for this new resource were created by a staff member of East Coast Migrant Head Start Project who is the daughter of a farmworker, and who had once gone to East Coast Migrant Head Start Project centers herself. The flyers were then adapted by MCN. 

Strength in Unity Slide


The Association of Clinicians for the Underserved (ACU) has partnered with over 220 leading healthcare associations to form the National Healthcare Career Network (NHCN). The network gives employers a better way to immediately connect with a wide array of health professionals, including physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and mental health workers.

ACU Career Center Benefits

  • Post your job to the ACU Career Center and have your posting distributed to other job boards in the NHCN.
  • Use the Network Wizard to see how your job will be distributed throughout the Network.
  • Have your job viewed not only job seekers that posted their resume to the ACU Career Center but also job seekers that posted their resume on other sites throughout the Network.
  • Get access to over 50,000 searchable Network resumes with your active job posting.

California's Medical Supervision Program is a biomonitoring program that measures cholinesterase activity in bloog samples from agricultural workers. Employers are required by law to contract with physicians who have registered for this program, all of whom are included in this list.