Health Center Recruitment and Retention Self-Assessment

The following brief questionnaire serves as a quick self-assessment for health center leadership to determine readiness for effective recruitment and retention of clinical staff. Answer the questions and score each response according to the number of points in parentheses.

* 1. Is recruitment and retention of high quality clinical staff a health center priority?
* 2. Is regular attention given to retention and recruitment of all key positions in the health center?
* 3. Does the center have a written recruitment and retention plan?
* 4. Is the plan reviewed annually by the board of directors?
* 5. Does your center track the turnover rate of clinical staff?
* 6. Are compensation comparability surveys conducted periodically to determine the going rates for comparable positions nationally and in the local area?
* 7. Does your health center’s compensation schedule enable it to retain qualified clinical staff?
* 8. Does the center address issues of succession of top clinical/management staff?
* 9. Does the health centers’ business plan address the cost of retention and recruitment of clinical staff?
* 10. Does the organization perform clinician satisfaction surveys?
* 11. Does the center follow a formal orientation schedule for new providers?
* 12. Is there clinical staff representation at the senior management and board levels?
* 13. Is there clinical staff representation at the Board of Directors meetings?
* 14. Is there clinical staff representation on the quality management committee?
* 15. Are there regular (at least monthly) meetings of your clinical staff?
* 16. Tally your results from the previous 15 questions and write in your total here: