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Archive of Indigenous Languages of Latin America

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This digital archive features a number of recordings and texts in the indigenous languages of Latin America. Materials are available in Mixteco, Mam, Nahuatl, Otomi, Triqui, Zapoteco, and many other indigenous languages. These materials give information about the cultures of these indigenous groups. Original works of literature in indigenous languages are also published on this site. AILLA works to preserve written forms of these languages, but it also collects grammars, dictionaries, ethnographies, and research notes that can be used as teaching materials.

Ihea International Health Education Alliance

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Appropriate health education programs for use by individuals and organizations on the local, national and international levels. Multiple cancer handouts in multiple languages.

Theater in the Fields: A Guide for Dynamic Outreach with Farmworkers

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New bilingual resource available April 2014!

Student Action with Farmworkers (SAF) has been using theater as an educational tool with farmworkers for over twenty years. By drawing on techniques of popular theater, SAF performs culturally appropriate, lively skits and facilitates theater workshops at farm labor camps. These performances spur conversations about mental and physical health, living and working conditions, and farmworker movements for social justice.

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