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Indecent Exposure: Lead Puts Workers and Families at Risk

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Describes the adverse health effects of lead in workers with blood-lead levels of 5-10 ug/dL and recommend changing OSHA’s medical removal trigger of 60 ug/dL. 

Recommendations for the Medical Management of Adult Lead Exposure

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An expert panel review of the scientific literature on lead and health - Environmental Health Perspective, March 2007

Soil lead (Pb) in residential transects through Lubbock, Texas: a preliminary assessment

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Residential lead (Pb) contamination, resulting from decades-long use of leaded gasoline and lead-based paint, is likely to be present in soils in most urban areas. A screening level sampling effort demonstrated that Lubbock, Texas, USA, like other cities of its age and size, has areas of elevated soil Pb.

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