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WEBINAR | Improving Patient Adherence with Cost of Care Conversations


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MCN Webinar

DATE: May 9, 2018, 1 pm (ET)

SPEAKERS: Deliana Garcia, MA, Douglas D. Bradham, DrPH, MA, MPH



Continuing Education Credit

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Over 20 million people this year will not stick to their care plan because of worry about the cost -- almost 6% of the entire US population. But avoiding or delaying care, especially for chronic conditions or in prenatal care, can have adverse effects on health status and health care use -- and long-term expense. When providers talk to their patients about the cost of their care, what is recalled by the patient? How can providers present the cost of care conversation in a way that is the most effective?

In this presentation, MCN will discuss a unique project examining the cost of care conversation’s structure, to see what content elements are actually delivered during the medical encounter versus what is recalled by the patients. The presentation will include a comparison of the effectiveness of the trained sub-groups (intervened) and the usual care (non-intervened) study groups. Long-term outcomes regarding the patient’s adherence to the care plan, and their reason for non-adherence, will also be discussed.


Learning Objectives

  1. To introduce the concept and motivation of initiating Cost of Care Conversations in communityhealth centers’ primary care delivery processes.
  2. To explain the elements of Cost of Care Conversations and how they might improve adherence to care plans by increasing shared decision-making between patients, clinicians, and clinic staff members.
  3. To encourage discussions among the clinic staff and clinical teams of: who, what, when, and how these Cost of Care Conversations can efficiently and effectively be delivered.
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