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WEBINAR Protecting Farmworkers: What clinicians need to know about the newly revised Worker Protection Standard


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MCN Webinar

DATE RECORDED: April 13, 2016

PRESENTED BY: Amy K. Liebman, MPA, MA | Virginia Ruiz, JD | Richard Pont | Gayle Thomas, MD

Continuing Education Credit

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Webinar Description

Farmworkers have waited for over 20 years for improved pesticide protections! The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recently issued stronger regulations to better protect farmworkers from pesticide exposures. This is an historic moment for farmworkers and those who care for farmworkers as this policy change will positively impact the health and safety of this population. Farmworkers and their families are the most overexposed population to pesticides. Each year, tens of thousands of farmworkers and their family members are exposed to pesticides and these exposures are largely preventable. The Worker Protection Standard (WPS) is the primary federal regulation that provides workplace protections for farmworkers who are exposed to pesticides. This session will overview changes in the WPS, how these changes in will impact agricultural workers and their families; and the roles and responsibilities of clinicians and other stakeholders regarding worker protection. Additionally, this session will provide participants with resources to help educate farmworkers and their families about the WPS and pesticide exposure, to facilitate reporting of pesticide exposure, and to assist clinicians in the recognition and management of pesticide exposures.

Learning Objectives
  1. Be familiar with the Worker Protection Standard
  2. Recognize how changes in the WPS will impact agricultural workers and their families 
  3. Identify resources to educate farmworkers and other stakeholders about the WPS and tools to help prevent, diagnose and manage pesticide exposures
Further Reading

MCN's Worker Protection Standard webpage includes resources for clinicians and materials from EPA regarding the recent revisions. 

MCN's Pesticide Reporting and Workers' Compensation Map includes state-specific including pesticide reporting requirements and Workers’ Compensation criteria for agricultural workers.

MCN and Farmworker Justice's Issue Brief overviewing the major WPS revisions that are particularly relevant for clinicians.

Recognition and Management of Pesticide Poisonings 6th Edition- An essential clinical reference for recognizing and managing pesticide overexposures

EPA's Worker Protection Standard Webpage includes important information regarding the revisions to the WPS, what they're meant to achieve, and timeline for implementation.  Available in English and Spanish

EPA's Pesticide Worker Safety Cooperative Agreements

Farmworker Justice's Issue Brief with information about the role of exposure incident reporting in the regulation of pesticides.

Farmworker Justice's Health Policy Bulletin includes articles about pesticide safety education and summaries of recent developments in research related to agricultural workers and pesticides.

OSHA Respirator Protection Standard 

OSHA's Infosheet- Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire

OSHA Fit Testing Procedures- General Requirements

AgriSafe Network represents health professionals and educators who are concerned about the health and safety of farm families

AgriSafe Network- Respirator Program Adapted to Agriculture. Webinar highlights the components of an effective respiratory protection program

Protect Farmworkers webpage hosts farmworker stories, issues surrounding the WPS, ways to get involved, links to stakeholder organizations, and more.

Centro Nacional de Información de Pesticidas

Pesticide Poisoning, Florida Health

Video Resource from AJL Productions (will be available by Autumn 2016)

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