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WEBINAR Rethinking the Role of the Medical Assistants on the Primary Care Team


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MCN Webinar

DATE RECORDED: November 18, 2015

PRESENTED BY: Margaret Flinter, APRN, PhD, Veena Channamsetty, MD, and Mary Blankson, APRN, Community Health Center, Inc

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Webinar Description

Medical assistants (MAs) are essential staff at most primary care practices. They keep patients flowing through the clinic and ensure that providers have the information and tools they need. But MAs are often capable of doing much more. 

Providers can reduce work stress, patients can receive improved quality of care, and primary care practices can still remain financially stable, in a team-based model of care when MAs more fully contribute. That’s because, as one of the first points of contact for patients, MAs often have a deep knowledge of patients’ personal and medical histories. Most are also adept at using the electronic health record (EHR), and with proper training, they can play major roles in preventive care, patient coaching, and population management. 

This webinar will address practice transformation, with an emphasis on the role that MAs play on the primary care team, through case studies and strategy discussion.

Learning Objectives
  1. Participants will identify effective strategies for rethinking the primary care team.
  2. Participants will reflect on the current role of the MA within their own primary care setting.
  3. Participants will explore the benefits of encouraging MAs to take on more responsibilities within the primary care team.
  4. Participants will analyze the readiness of their own clinical setting to allow MAs to take on more responsibilities within the primary care team. 
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