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Luis Zayas, PhD

Luis Zayas's picture

Dr. Luis H. Zayas is the Dean and Robert Lee Sutherland Chair in Mental Health and Social Policty at the School of Social Work of The University of Texas at Austin. He holds a master’s in social work and a doctorate in developmental psychology from Columbia University. Dr. Zayas has devoted his career as a clinician, teacher, and research to child and adolescent development and family functioning. Under the overarching framework of Hispanic mental health, he focuses on two areas of research. One area is on the suicide attempts of young Latinas, a group that has the highest rates of suicidal behavior of any youth group in the U.S. From his work in this area, he authored Latinas Attempting Suicide: When Culture, Families, and Daughters Collide (Oxford, 2011). The other area of focus is the development and mental health of U.S. citizen-children of undocumented Latin American parents. Presently, Dr. Zayas is completing a study of the impact of parents’ legal status and detention/deportation on citizen-children.

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