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Health Homes are an important approach for helping to ensure that health center populations have access to comprehensive health care services, including dental care. 
This presentation describes how oral health can be integrated into overall primary care systems to improve health care quality and outcomes of the patients we serve, by illustrating promising practices from an example health center oral health program.

Met the stated objectiveMostly met the stated objectiveSomewhat met the stated objectiveDid not meet the stated objective
1) Understand why medical-dental integration is a positive attribute
2) Describe examples of medical-dental integration at the clinical level
3) Receive “take home” examples of how to incorporate oral health into your health center’s Patient-Centered Health Home
1 = Poor2345 = Average678910 = ExcellentN/A
The scholarship and expertise of Brett Pack, DMD, Dental Director, Moses Lake Community Health Center
The scholarship and expertise of Maria Smith, MPA, Project Coordinator, National Network for Oral Health Access
Your overall satisfaction with the webinar training
The webinar presented new areas of knowledge and/ or new ideas/ methods to implement
The webinar contained information at a level commensurate with my training and experience
If applicable, how helpful was the information you learned today in enhancing the performance and operations of your health center?
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