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Professional Home in Migrant Health

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Professional HomeOne of MCN’s former board members said it best: “Why then a network? Because a network is a professional home where we can share ideas, stories and gather our strength together. Because a network can take those new ideas and develop models of care that can make our efforts more effective. And because a network can gather our individual voices and send a powerful message to decision-makers about the health needs of migrants and their families.”

The Migrant Clinicians Network exists to give health care providers of all disciplines a voice in order to aid in the provision of quality health care to migrants and others in need, to administer educational programs to health care practitioners, researchers, and students to increase their effectiveness and joy in their professional endeavors, and to draw attention to best practices to further the possibility of health care justice.  Through work with MCN clinicians have access to others in the field and opportunities to network with one another for support, sharing of resources, and generation of new ideas.