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Five on Friday: ICE Traps & Risking Visas for Health Care

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Five on Friday ICE Traps


We’re approaching the end of National Health Center Week. Health centers across the US serve millions of agricultural workers and their family members, providing a critical link to essential health care services that many otherwise would not be able to access. Confronting numerous compounding barriers that push agricultural workers away from the care they need, health centers step up to the task to provide outreach services, after-hours clinics, farm visits, and more to assure that this vulnerable population is not overlooked. Many thanks to all the health center clinicians who serve agricultural workers. Your work at our country’s health centers assures the health and safety of millions of agricultural workers every year! Now, on to the top five recommendations from MCN’s staff for the week.


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ICE traps


Alma Colmenero, Health Network Associate, shared a Washington Post article on ICE using citizenship services to trap immigrants.


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Lyme disease Vaccine


Amy, Director of Environmental and Occupational Health, sent around an article on the spread of Lyme Disease and the lack of a vaccine.


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PR Abandoned Supplies


Del, Director of International Projects and Emerging Issues, forwarded us a report of abandoned supplies donated to help Puerto Rico.


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Grannies Respond at the Border



Amy also shared, “Migrant child died after release from detention, attorneys group alleges.”

Giovanni, Communication and Graphics Designer, read an article from the BBC on a group of grandmothers that protested the separation policy by heading to the border.


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Risking visas for health care


An article that made the rounds was the Houston Chronicle piece on a Mexican woman who's U.S. visa was revoked after she accessed public health care benefits.




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