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Women's Health

Mother and baby

It is no longer a question that women have unique health needs, concerns and challenges. Among them are reproductive health, pregnancy and childbirth, sexual and intimate partner violence, and cancers that disproportionately affect women, including cervical and breast cancer. Women often face environmental and occupational health exposures both in the home and in the workplace that heighten health risks.

Migrant women face significant disparities with an additional layer of complexity and require different intervention strategies. The effects of language and cultural differences, lack of access to transportation and other barriers will be addressed in each section. 

MCN has compiled resources that address these challenges and barriers to care with tools, education and programming for clinicians and migrant women. Many of our resources are available in the Resources sidebar. Please explore the following topics by clicking on each heading to learn more:

Migrant Women and Reproductive Health Issues

Migrant Women and Environmental & Occupational Health Issues

Migrant Women and Violence

What You Can Do for Migrant Women