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Health Network saves lives. Here, we collect some of the stories we've shared on various platforms of Health Network patients and the care and coordination they received from our Health Network Associates, across Health Network initiatives, including Specialty Care Access Network (SCAN) and Health Mothers, Babies, and Children. All names and identifying features of their stories have been changed or generalized for the patient's protection.  

Health Network Helps People 1









Health Net Team

Health Network In Streamline:

Streamline is MCN’s quarterly clinical publication providing information and resources to frontline clinicians working with mobile underserved populations. We have past issues going back to 2001 available for you to download free of charge. Some issues include Health Network Stories that you may want to check out.

Spring 2023 - Fractured Tibia, Fractured Care: A Health Network Case Study

Winter 2023 - A Pregnant Asylum Seeker Finds Prenatal Care, with Health Network

Spring 2022 - Health Network: Guiding Asylum Seekers to Prenatal Care

Summer 2020 - Gathering Mobile Patients’ History, Social Determinants of Health with Health Network

Spring 2020 - Health Network and Diabetes: A Case Study

Summer 2019 - Keeping Hypertension Under Control While Migrating: Health Network Case Study

Spring 2018 - Mobile Patients and Opioids

Spring 2018 - Diabetes Affects Work: Health Network Case Study

Fall 2017 - Health Network Communication Tactics: A Case Study

Winter/Spring 2017 - Expecting a Baby, Experiencing Depression: Health Network Case Study

Winter/Spring 2017 - Health Network’s Internal Support System

Spring/Summer 2017 - Different Countries, Different Diagnoses: Health Network Case Study