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Enrollment in Health Network

Enrollment in Health Network

Health Network ensures continuity of care and treatment completion by providing comprehensive case management, medical records transfer, and follow-up services for mobile patients. As rapid travel and ease of mobility make it possible to arrive anywhere in the world in a matter of hours and as shifting economic conditions require individuals and families to move in order to stay employed, Health Network has proven to be an easily modifiable patient navigation system with application in disease surveillance and treatment management for any number of injuries, illnesses, or care needs among mobile populations. Independent research on tuberculosis treatment has found that Health Network is highly cost effective.  

Enrollment is free and must be initiated by the clinic. Patients cannot enroll themselves.

The 3 things required for enrollment are:


  2. PARTICIPANT INFORMATION (including the patient’s working phone number)

  3. MEDICAL RECORDS and/or summary of next steps


Download the Enrollment Form on this website page. You fill out the form and have the patient sign. You fax it back to us along with the patient's medical records.


Call 512-327-2017 (with the patient present), we interview the patient, explain the program to the patient, we fill in the Enrollment Packet for you and send them to you. Have the patient simply sign, and then fax those back to us along with all of the patient's medical records.

Health Network Enrollment


Please fax completed Enrollment Packets to: 512.327.6140 or contact Alma Colmenero via email

Once we receive this paperwork, we will verify the information and initiate case management. It is critical that you fill this enrollment packet out as completely as possible so that MCN staff can provide the best possible service to you and your patients. We recommend enrolling patients in anticipation of their departure; having a patient enrolled ahead of time will enable us to direct that patient to their next clinic before the patient leaves your area. Only patients enrolled will be followed. Health Network has been designed to facilitate the continuity of care for these mobile patients, not only in the U.S., but around the world.

Informational Videos about Health Network


If you have questions when enrolling your patients, please contact Alma Colmenero at (512) 579-4510 or by email.

If you would like a to schedule a training on how to enroll patients in Health Network, please feel free to contact Theressa Lyons-Clampitt, at 512.579.4511 or by email